Friday, December 12, 2008

Decision Taken!

During the past weekend I made an important decision; to be true to myself. After five years of acting, of playing a different role, not my own, I decided to rescue that little girl I lost. That sweet girl with dreams, hopes, wanting to make the world her own. Yes, for different reasons I let her go. Parents, problems, no support of family or friends made me leave her behind; but not anymore.

This is my story, I'm Sophia a 22 yr old Civil Engineer graduate that since she could grab a crayon was always designing - fashion, cartoons, paintings, you name it! Well, after a while of struggling with myself, and having my younger sister brainwash me
like crazy to forget the idea of trying to make myself happy with a career that I didn't choose for me, I said to myself: Why? Why was I going to torture and ruin my future and live unhappily ever after?

O.k. so decision set: I'm going after my dream, I'm becoming a fashion designer! And so strongly my decision stands that all my classmates from college, family and friends were near fainting when I told them I'd withdraw from all my master's degree classes to pursue my dream of studying fashion design! So, yeah now amongst them I'm the girl that engineering school left cookoo. And so here I am letting the world know what I'm doing.

I'm starting design school in January, have to prepare a portfolio with all my creations. While I took out all my old designs and creations I found my old accessory designs. Guess what I did? Went out to the nearest crafts store got myself beads and got to work! Yeah I got the crazy idea of opening a little accessory shop on etsy to pay for design school -yeah I'm kinda broke now.

And my sister and I named it FunnyPeopleCo because... No reason really we just liked the sound of it. So from now on I want to document everything I do while I reach the stars. That means you'll read some more about me haha, then someday you can say: hey! I read her blog when she decided to go for it!! Tootles for now...


  1. im happy you finaly seeking your dreams. and if nobaby supports you i got your back! ill like to hear from you soon so till your next blog. bye

  2. Nice little blog. Good for you to pursue your dreams. I hope it all goes well for you.

  3. i can completely relate to you =), i was on a tangent line toward oblivion for a while and doing what certain people expected then this summer, i got brave and decided to listen to that little girl too =) (

    good luck with everything! and being broke is an okay thing because you are far richer in many other ways than most people: you're HAPPY!

  4. thankfully i didn't have to deal with folks looking at me all crazy when i decided this was what i was gonna go to school for more, but i know how it can be. i wish you all the best in pursuing your interests. :-)

  5. Thanks It's great to hear those reassuring words!

  6. Congratulations on your new blog, and career path :)


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