Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fashion Around the World (Japan!)

Yesterday I came up with the cool idea (at least I think it's cool) to include at least once a week, info about fashion styles in other countries! And well if my sis and I get inspired enough we might add something to celebrate the style to out etsy shop! Ok, now back to the topic. Today I'm discussing Japanese Street Teen Fashion! This will probably be divided in a few blogs to cover each style since there are a bunch of 'em!

You see in Japan, people in the streets (teens, adults) are the ones that define fashion, unlike here in the states (you get bombarded by magazines telling you how you should dress, hair etc.) So stores and designers are really aware and pay lots of attention to what the youth think is worth putting on!

Japanese street fashion starts in the heart of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. The Harajuku Station, which is the ultimate place for teens to display their fashion is the runway of the city. There are a lot of different styles on display: lolita gothic, kawaii, decora, harajuku, himegyaru and a bunch more. At least for today's blog, we will be learning about the first two.

Lolita Gothic has absolutely nothing to do with goth or anything. Actually it's statement is to look like Victorian dolls! (they even have tea parties -so fun!) Their dresses are incredibly elegant and elaborate and yes they do look like porcelain dolls! Everything must be full of lace and you must accessorize with gloves, hats, umbrellas, Victorian style bow and so on. Oh and having a petticoat and layers is also a must.

With kawaii style (which means cute in Japanese-which I think is so cool) it's a bit different. It's all about flashy colors, crazy accessory combinations and it's all about looking childlike and playful. It emphasizes cartoon characters, toys, ruffles and lots of pastel colors!

Well, today I made my third sale at etsy! Yeah, I'm pretty exited, I'd like to get to five sales a the end of 2008 (fingers crossed XD). Oh if there is any fashion style you want me to blog about just let me know and I'll get right to work! This is going to be one very long Holiday (i don't have to go to work so). Umm guys I'll let you go now, my tummy is asking to be fed. See you soon!


  1. This is interesting...congrats on your sale! You are on your way!!

  2. Great post - I love that dress, I want one, lol. Congrats on the sale - off to look at your new items now. :D

  3. Very cool! And good luck getting 2 more sales!

  4. Don't be irreplaceable- if you can't be replaced, you can't get promoted. :P

    Maybe it works differently in the fashion world, huh? You should check in to kimonoHIME style- kimono fashion is making a comeback in Japan! It's very bright and colourful, with interesting uses for European items, such as taking old lace collars from stuffy dresses and turning them chicly into eri for their kimono. Mamechiyo is someone you want to know about- she's spearheading the campaign!

  5. Great Post, I love this style as it is so inspired by a love of history and Victorian childhood. It works fabulousyl well with my own designs at

    We love your 'Around the World' topic!


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