Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Featuring You!! part 2 (Xmas edition)

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back! This is the second part of the Featuring You!! Xmas edition blog. We'll check out the next six stores that will be up and going on Xmas Day.

The first store on our blog is Sugar Bubbles! The shop's owner is Willie Yung.
How did it all start: "I am a recent graduate from Ontario College of Art and Design. After I graduated I've worked as a studio assistant doing hand craft production. I realized this is what I want! I don't remember why/how I register an etsy store but I started posting items this Nov. I haven't had much sells yet but I'm hoping to earn a living selling my art."
Fave piece of art in shop:

Handmade Framed Textile Art-http://ww

Our next shop is TheEclecticOkie, owned by Lisa MacLeod & Dale Walters who are mother and daughter (that is so cool).
How they got started:"I (Lisa) got bored after Hurricane Ike and made so much jewelry I didn't know what to do with it. So my mother and I decided it was time to try and sell our designs online too. We didn't want to setup our own website just yet so here we are."
Fave piece in their shop:

Aqua Blue Garden Bracelet

SoapThatMakesScents is a store run by Karina.
Why she's in Etsy: "I stumbled across Etsy after clicking on the shop banner of someone in Myspace...I found it to be an awesome pool of talent from across the globe and wanted to be a part of it!"
Favorite piece in her store: Love Me - Handmade Soap Bar

Rachel is the owner of Huggermugger.
She started Etsy:"because one of my best friends has a shop (Knitsational) and encouraged me to get one too."

The piece she loves is: Once Upon a Time Journal

Our next store is ByGing! The owner of this shop is Ginger Galloway.
How did she get started: "I started selling on Etsy as a way to help bring a bit of money into the house to help my husband. We have a total of seven kids, including two sets of twins. Money is tight, so I thought, what better way to supplement our income than to do it by doing what I love."
Fave shop piece:

Crochet Bowl

Our last store is Art by MAR. This store is owned by Margie Rennick.
How did it all begin: "I started on Etsy two years ago just selling my art. I have evolved to making my art as well as my huge collection of vintage images into pendants."

Favorite piece in shop:

Owl On a Branch Vintage Image Pendant

Those were the first 12 featured shops! Bravo! haha I tell you it was great writing this. I learned about so many art forms and how many great shops exist in our Etsy. Now it's my turn, I wanted to show you all our fave piece! (oh my sister Louie and I started Etsy 'cuz we made stuff and sold them and so we thought having a little store of our own would be grand -also to pay our college
bills =D) .Our fave piece is Kittens and Keys Charm Bracelet.

That's all for now! There's a list below of other stores that I will be featuring soon, so stay tuned your store might be next! Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays! Take care...

List to be featured stores:
Pixe's Treasure Chest:
KG Krafts:
lola soap designs:
Lilzahira's Cat:
Chunky Chunk:

Jacqueline V Designs:

Bear Mountain Jewelry:
Beyond Blue Nudes 2:
RedCat ArtBeads:
Inu Inspirations:
Jeweled Elegance:


  1. How fun! These are lovely shops!


  2. What a wonderful thing to do! I would love to share the spotlight at some point!

  3. This is great! I would love to be included at some point if you like my shop.. =)

    Take care!

  4. Thanks for featuring my shop (Huggermugger)! You've got lots of cool shops here and I'm happy to be among them. Merry Christmas!


  5. What a great idea! Love it!


  6. You are doing a really good thing :) Good Luck with your new passion!

  7. So cool!

    Thanks for featuring us!

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