Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Featuring You!!

I know I said the feature blog was going to be up tomorrow but I got too exited and had to put it up today! This is the new Featuring You!! Blog. Thanks to awesome feedback at Etsy Forums, I think we can keep this segment up for a few more blogs. At the end of the next blog there is a directory to shops that couldn't get featured this time (don't worry I'll make sure you will get your little spot) people can check out your store! These are all shops that will be up and going on Xmas Day. =D

Here we go!

Our first store is Handmade Fun by a Dame Named Redd and the owners' name is Redd.
How did you get started: "
I got started on Etsy because a friend of mine said it would be a really cool place to check out. I figured I was making all of this stuff anyways, so I might as well share!"

Her fave piece on her store:
That beautiful Sassy Silver Seahorse Cameo Brooch --> /view_listing.php?listing_id=17300808

JenniferTodd is a new store on Etsy, and its owner Jennifer Todd is a graphic designer.
How she got started:"I'm trying to parlay my design skills into a money making adventure; and unlike many other banner shops on etsy, I do have formal training in graphic design."

Her fave piece:
Matryoshka gift tag printable PDF template

Our next stor
e is Life Art Designs.
How it all started: "I got started here because I was having to much trouble setting up a personal website on my own. This has given me a chance to figure out the ins and outs of an online presence."

Fave Piece in store:

Tomato Soup Red With a Sun Burst of Peach Bracelet

The owner of Darlenedecorates, Darlene started selling on Etsy when " I was doing a local craft show and one of the crafters explained etsy, I was hooked since then."

Her fave piece :

<-- Handmade natural LAVENDER Soaps

is run by Heather.

How she got started: "I love making stuff So I started with selling tye dyes in my front yard years ago, Then I was selling beaded necklaces and earrings. The earrings were a big hit. I tried a few craft shows and was told about etsy. so here I am I love beading an d have been doing in for around 15 years."

Her fave item in her shop is:

Stunning Unicorn Seed Bead Earrings-->

Misty Ridge Designs is also a jewelry store!
Owner: Heather and a friend
How it all began: "I got started on ETSY because I had been shopping around here for a few months thanks to a referral from an artist friend. She suggested that I try to sell some of my jewelry here so i gave it a try."

Favorite piece of work:

Black Glass Pendant with Silver Swirls Necklace

Great pieces of art! I believe this is a great way to meet all the great shops in Etsy and the artists that run them. These are the first six features from the 12 that I promised on the forums. The other six are up in another blog; I didn't want to make this one soo long! =D

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