Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not what I expected, but still searching!

Hi, everyone! Well as you all know today was my interview/orientation at the design school I'm going for. Now I am still strongly decided to do this but I kinda feel this school isn't what I was searching for. I truly don't know what to look for when trying out schools but this one really didn't convince me. They offer 3 different courses; Illustration, Pattern and dressmaking and the Fashion Design course (which is a combination of both). All classes are 6 weeks in duration, once a week for 3 hours, which to me seems kinda not enough. If someone out there can give me a few pointers on what to search for I'd be sooo thankful! I mean they don't even require a portfolio, so I kinda worked for nuthin'. Well also the installations were very small, not much space to work. Oh and it's like a technical course so it's no actual degree. I gotta do a search on qualifications for fashion jobs and check out requirements, 'cuz I wouldn't like to spend money in vain.

Well besides that I decided to go to the biggest mall on the island (I'm living in Puerto Rico now just if you wondered) and OMG was that place packed!! My sis, bf and I didn't go to buy anything, we just went because we had nothing else to do! Anyways after a while of being in a confined space with thousands of people, I got claustrophobic and yeah we left. Haha I almost started to cry!

Oh I also added my twitter to my myspace and to the blog today. I discovered you could do that by accident. =D Yeah I'm totally illiterate when it comes to all this cyber connection thingamajigs. But I learned!

By the way and before I forget, I need some advice! I'm thinking of adding a little fashion segment. I was thinking of writing about fashion and styles in other countries and such and maybe add a DIY thing, maybe some videos and such. I thought I should ask you guys so you can give me some ideas, opinions and pointers ;D Well I'm gonna sleep on that thought so until next blog!


  1. ..good luck with the design course...maybe just wait till one turns up that your intuition tells you is right for you...until then maybe work on creatiin stuff that you enjoy...the fashion spot on the blog sounds like a good idea...try
    they have pics from all over the place...

  2. Hey - I don't have advice for school as my degree is in a cimpletely different field but I think checking out requirements for the jobs you would like is great or contacting your favorite designers for advice. I also think the fashion segment on here would be cool as it's something you are clearly passionate about!


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