Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The pros and cons of living in the Tropics and some random stuff

I can hear everyone nowadays complaining about the horrid weather in the North, how it doesn't stop snowing and such. I've been living in the Tropics for over 5 yrs now and you might be saying lucky you! you don't need to clear the snow out of your driveway or dress up in 5 layers of clothing to leave the house.

Close your eyes, just do it (of course after you're done reading this, unless you can read with your eyes closed) . Imagine yourself in a warm piece of paradise, sun is shining on your face, a warm breeze gently caressing you, feel the sand between your toes and the salty beach water smell... I've experienced that feeling only 4 or 5 times!! Imagine living in a tropical island and not going to the beach often, well let me tell you, the heat is awful here and the least you want to do is be out in the sun!!

I totally miss the snow!! All those cold Christmases near the home's fireplace, having hot cocoa with marshmallows after playing around and making angels in the snow. I say lucky you that are able to do such things!

Now with that off my chest lets concentrate on what is important: Does is feel like Xmas to you? Yeah totally off topic, I know but at least to me it doesn't. I just wonder about the millions of families now struggling with everyday expenses trying to make the best Xmas possible out of the situation. I really can't help feeling bad, it's kinda hard for us at home, and probably it is for you guys too!

I think during these Holidays, no matter how you celebrate them, all of us are going to redefine its meaning. It's not going to be money related, it's not going to be about the best gifts or the most expensive jewelry, it's not going to be about the best food menu you can find. We are going back to basics, finding that the true meaning of any Holiday celebration is that time spent with our loved ones, the laughter, the songs and just celebrating what we believe in, is that one special gift we will all treasure in hearts, mind and soul forever.

Knowing that the year will come to its end in just a few days, I have started to think about how great this year has been (hard but I'm blessed). I had a few health problems and was about to not be able to walk (severe nerve pinching in lower back was hurting both my legs!) and recuperating from that has made me think how valuable it is to have your body balanced and in good health!

Ah also I'm planning what to do about design school, and my sister and I are coming up with some cool designs for the shop! Oh and I forgot to tell you: we reached our sales goal!! Yes, we had a 5 sales goal to hit before the end of the year since our store opened up on Dec. 10th. Ans so we got there!!

OMG I suddenly got an idea! (yeah me and my ideas). Since we are going to be open tomorrow (yes my etsy shop will be running on a national holiday!), might as well write a blog on the stores that will remain open and feature a few! Ok so this is what we'll do: write a comment and let me know 3 things - 1) your etsy store's name and yours 2) how did you get started on etsy 3) your favorite item on your store and link! Cool, now I'll probably get a bunch and I'll include all the ones I can and if not I'll just blog a second or third blog on your features!

With new ideas in mind and a great feeling this next year will be the best for all of us and all our families I want to say Happy Holidays and I won't be taking time off from etsy or blogging 'cuz I have nothing better to do =D So if you ever get bored just drop by!! Take care everyone!


  1. I will be around Etsy tomorrow too--in between family functions. Once the gifts are open there isn't much to do LOL! I understand what you are saying even though I have never been to the Tropics. I don't do well with heat and sun so even though I would like to visit, don't think I could live there.

    Left a post in your Etsy thread too about shops being open tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

  2. Great blog and thanks for helping other etsiers out! I will be open during Christmas - between presents and eating every cookie I can find. I have been trying to get my wife to move to Hawaii, where we were engaged and married. The only thing stopping us is island fever and our families.

    My store name is technically William Dohman
    but my banner shows it as William Dohman Photography.
    I got started on Etsy after traveling around the world in and after Grad school for Architecture. I had so many travel photos I needed to show them to everyone. All of the diverse cultures I came across were so different from my West St. Paul roots that i needed to document everything and sketching wasn't fast enough. I am beginning to venture out now into oil painting and birdhouses (weird combo i know).
    Here is a link to my store.

    Happy Holidays,

  3. I am a budding fashion design major as well! Although my first love is interior design. Welcome to the most challenging and rewarding field EVER!

    Merry Christmas!


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