Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dress to Impress with Less than $50.00

Yes, it is possible to look fab and only spend $50.00. I have done it myself! This is going to be a new weekly article, I'll teach you to dress spending less bucks. I'll show you some great, complete combinations that will flatter any body type and budget. I hope you all enjoy this new weekly article and it helps you all in a special way.

Ok, today's outfit is great for job interviews and semi-formal family/friends reunions.
Where to gear-up list:
Polkadot SS Sweater Top - $10.99 (Forever 21)
BELTED TROUSER - $5.99 (Alloy)
Leslie Flat - $5.99 (Delia's)
Eiffel Tower Earrings - $7.00 (FunnyPeopleCo)
Reptile Fancy Box Handbag - $13.99 (Forever 21)
Total: $43.96

So you see, it is possible to dress great for any occasion, without going broke. I hope you all enjoyed this blog.

Tell me your opinions, did you like it? Why or why not? Have any ideas or a specific body type/occasion you need help to dress for? Just let me know and we'll blog about it! have fun shopping and take care!!


  1. Stylish blog!

    Etsy Greetings

  2. that top is so cute, I can't believe it's only $11!

  3. What a great article! Love the title of your blog!

    Claudia ~ from Etsy

  4. That's a fantastic outfit. Great finds!

  5. Great idea and freaking cute outfit! I soooo need help picking out clothes! I am totally bookmarking you!

  6. Wow...neat idea! I definately need to revamp my dressy attire.

  7. Apparently I need you to go shopping with me, I can never find an outfit for that much! Super cute.

  8. What a fun idea and a fun feature! I'm retired, so I rarely have to "dress" for any thing! But, it would be fun to see what's stylish for around the house!

  9. Love this posting! I need to look at my closet again!


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