Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fashion 101 - Vintage Style!

You hear that celebs are now wearing Vintage fashions and how Vintage is so in and popular. However, I wonder, do they know what Vintage really is?

Haven't you ever heard: This celeb is wearing this Vintage dress... Well, let me fill you in on a few details. Firstly, Vintage fashion are garments, jewelry and such that are conserved from previous eras. For an item to be Vintage, it must be approximately 20 yrs old. So the term Vintage fashion is sometimes used incorrectly; referring to Vintage Inspired fashions.

Vintage Inspired Fashions are new garments designed to resemble those of other times. Knowing this, we can differentiate between a real Vintage garment and an Inspired one.
All previous eras: Medieval, Victorian, the 20's, 30's up til the 80's; are Vintage. So where can I find Vintage garments? Your granny's closet! No, really! Also there are stores on the web that sell Vintage clothes/jewelry. You can also check your nearest Antique Store, or maybe your thrift and consignment stores might have some interesting items.

Dressing Vintage is also a great way of Going Green. Yes, you are reusing and recycling fabrics, metals, plastics and so on.

I'd like to inspire you all and show you a time line of different Vintage fashions that have been alive. Hope you enjoy them! They will be inspiring me and my sis this next season with out new designs for our shop!

Medieval Era
Victorian Era
Lovely 20'sBeautiful 30's
Gracious 40'sUnforgettable 50's
Groovy 60's
Hope you guys enjoyed the Vintage Time-line that inspires FunnyPeopleCo's new designs for this next season!

I'd like your opinions, which did you like best? And are you into Vintage or totally Modern?
Take care until next blog!


  1. I like the medieval, 40s, and the just the hats from the 20s. :)

  2. Forties Mary Jane's never go out for me, they are a constant in my closet. I always have at least a pair or two. They are so classic and go with nearly everything!!!

  3. I love those 40's outfits! They are so great and classic. I like to think of myself as having a classic fashion-sense like that. I just like to jazz it up with some bright colors which is easy to do nowadays with jeans in every color of the rainbow. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The 60's!!! Easy wearing cloths, subdued colors, well unless you went the hippie route.

  5. Great pictures! I love the 20's-40's! Thanks for clarifying "vintage"...the word gets overused a lot!

  6. I'm a big fan of the clothes from the 1920s. So liberating compared to what they had been!


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