Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fashion Around the World (Street Fashion)

The reason I'm obsessed with Street Fashion is simple. I care more about what normal everyday people like, think and live than what big designer houses have to offer. Yes, people in designer houses are incredibly talented and have worked hard to become great designers. I think the same! However, the ability to mix, match, combine, and make yourself look great with anything you can find in your closet, thrift stores and also doing so on a very low, real-life budget is what I call amazing! I'm part of this group, people that can create anything out of basically nothing "wow" at all. With all that said, we are dedicating today's blog to around the world street fashion.

I found a few pictures when browsing on the internet from different cities with some cool ensembles. Just normal people in the streets showing their unique styles to the world. Kudos to those that took these awesome pictures! Here we go!

New York: Very laid back and comfy!
Australia: Soo indie!!
London: Geek & Emo went to London!
Spain: So young and already making a statement!Stockholm: Totally retro chic!Japan: Kawaii desu ne! (super cute isn't it!) Well, hope you enjoyed checking this blog out, I know I had fun making it. Now let me know what styles you like best and why. Take care and til nex time! oh btw check my Etsy shop I've got new items I made!!


  1. How fun to see all the different styles all over the world. great blog!

  2. Love Australia and Spain! What cute outfits. I live in jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts. Not too cute, but oh so comfy!

  3. Wow I love your work! Thank you for stopping at my blog

  4. Great photos! They remind me that I need a style make-over!

  5. Loving the differences in fashion around the fave's are Australia and Spain... Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be back to check out more of your Fashion Brilliance! Oh, and I won't tell my hubby (who has an Engineering degree) that you're ditching yours for Fashion...I'd be doing the same if I were you! ;)

  6. I love those Flower power earrings...BEAUTIFUL!
    <3 Veronica

  7. Great selection of styles from around the world!

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