Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashion Photoblog!! Great Fashion Designers and other Random Fashions

This is a fashion blog right? Well, I've never shown you guys the fashion I'm into! I love clothes that are Retro style. My fave eras are from the 40's to the 80's and Victorian styles. I love soft, baggy clothes that are colorful, plaid and black. I also like anything black matched with colorful stuff! So, in honor of my fave styles, today's blog will be a photoblog of my fave fashions!! Enjoy!!

Luella - Fave Fashion Designer!

Hope you all enjoyed it! Now tell me, which one did you like best? What's your style? Take care and until next blog!


  1. Great picks! Love the red red polka dot dress.. its so fun!

  2. I posted some vintage fashion shots the other day too.

    Love the Chucks


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