Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fashion Tips - How to Dress for all Seasons with only one Wardrobe!

Sorry for being gone so a while, I've been really busy with work and my Etsy shop. But I'm back with some new tips to save our fashion sense and our pockets! ^-^

This is something I've been developing for a while now. How to dress without having to shop every single season. Hope the tips are helpful!

Have some basic color and style garments in your closet
  • Stay with solid colors and classic cut tops. Things like V-necks and such are great to achieve a variety of looks.
  • Some boot cut pants, and/or some wide-leg or skinnys
  • Jeans, khakis and some capris are great to own.
  • Classic style skirts with hems above the knee.
Accessorizing is ultra important!
  • Winter and Fall - have some scarves, mittens and hats in different solid colors.
  • Spring -Summer - nice jackets/blazers that go with whatever you already have in your closet
  • Have earrings/necklaces/etc. that enhance you style; surfer stuff for summer, greens and reds for winter, browns for fall and cute bracelets in pastel colors for spring!
Be creative, most of these things you already have in your closet; so make a list of what you are missing and off to the mall to get the rest of your "rest of the year wardrobe".

So what do you think? Lemme know, are you missing a few of these pieces, or can you survive one more year without shopping for clothes? Until next blog!


  1. great ideas. i do a lot of layering with my vest tops and skirts during the winter. Just add some long sleeved tops and tights and you can wear your summer stuff in the winter too :D

  2. Neat post. I could definintely use some fashion advice, LoL!


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