Friday, January 16, 2009

Fashion Tips - How to wear Skinny Pants !

As we all have noticed, skinny pants are everywhere nowadays. They are available in wacky and wild colors that combine with almost anything. Now, the question is how to wear them to flatter your body type?

There are a few tips we can all follow to be able to use skinny pants:

1) Take your time in the dressing room. Try on different brands before buying, remember they are all made with different cuts and patterns so you'll probably find the ideal one for you from trial end error. If skinny pants just don't work for you, choose straight legged jeans for the same look!

2) Choose skinny pants that are dark -if you are a bit round in the hip area. Dark colors have great slimming effects.

3) The pockets must be in the right place, not too high and not to low. If they are, those jeans are just making your behind be more noticeable.

4) Skinny Pants are not to be worn with big sneakers, they will make your feet look huge and out of proportion. Go for Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers, flats, sandals, heels or boots. They will give your leg balance and a nice slimming effect.

5) For tops, choose something baggy and comfy, not tight. You shouldn't wear tight pants and tight shirts at the same time. You can also pair up a cute short dress and wear skinnys instead of leggings, it will give you a totally modern look.

6) Don't get jeans you can't breathe in! What's the point of looking great if you can't feel great.

Hope these tips help you achieve that super hip look you're trying to find and remember, find they style you feel most comfortable with!

I'd like to hear your opinions, do skinnys work for you, or are they a total no-no? Until next blog!!


  1. Remember the skinny pants of the 80" there s a way to wear them. Skinny pants and Huge hair...those were the days!

  2. I love to rock skinny jeans and you tips for wearing them correctly were on point!

  3. great post. I can only wear them with a long top or short dress and I'm happy with that :D

  4. good post.... thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. I WISH I could wear skinny jeans!! I'm way too skinny though! I just look like a skeleton!

  6. I'm not the jeanstype but I own two pair of jeans. They are really tight from the Swedish brand Cheap Monday. When I wear them I always wear them with a long top/short dress (you know the dress that are tooooo short to wear as a dress) and I like to mix the feeling of skinny black jeans with a girly romantic white pink blouse/dress with heels. The perfect outfit for school.

  7. Nice Post! I also read some of your postings. I really a lot of things. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I know skinny women's pants are in right now, but I much prefer the wide leg look.


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