Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Featuring You! (Jan. 7, 2009)

Aloha, everyone!! Today our blog will feature 2 great Etsy shops!! This is the third Wednesday that Featuring You!! is up and going! Thanks for your support and I'm glad you all enjoy it.

Today's first shop is blackcatboutique. The shop is totally unique, you definitely have to check it out!
She started selling on Etsy because "was looking for a place to sell my handmade items after I left a booth in a mall. I found etsy by doing a search on the Net. I find this so much easier than having my on site, better exposure".

Unfortunately, I couldn't open the link that revealed that fave item, so instead I'll show you my personal fave in the shop:

Ziggy Scarf: This is a beautiful piece. I love the colors and textures it has. It gives you a warm and jovial feeling.

That is a beautiful piece indeed. Now if you like it as much as I do, go give it a look!

Super, now our second feature of today is thesugarbee. The store owner is Rebbeca Stoneback and she is a jewelry designer. She started selling on Etsy because: "I started selling my glass jewelry on Etsy because I loved the idea of a website that was so easy to sell and buy things from and had such a amazing variety of all handmade items. I got started in a afternoon of just taking photos , writing descriptions, and posting away".

Her fave piece in her shop is:
Eat me (Alice's Adventures In Wonderland). A very creative and unique necklace inspired in one of my fave childrens' book; Alice in Wonderland. I love how gorgeous this piece is, it would make a perfect gift for any girl. Love it!!

Great shops! It's incredible the amount of talent Etsians have!! Horray for Etsy! Give these shops a look, you might find something you'll fall in love with.

Tell me what's your fave and why? Do you want to be featured too? Also let me know. Until next blog guys, have fun until then!


  1. The Ziggy Scarf is a great find. The colors and texture are wonderful!


  2. Love that necklace! Great features as usual :-)


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