Friday, January 9, 2009

Finding your Perfect Little Black Dress

Finding that perfect little black dress is possible! Yes, media shows you that you must be tall, long legged and incredibly thin to wow with one - but that is a lie! You just have to find the perfect one for your body type. Now this can be a little tricky, so grab a tape measure and lets get started.

There are five (5) body types. We'll go step by step discussing them.

The Hourglass figure:
Women with this body type usually have mid- large breasts, a small waist (like 10 inches in difference) and curvy hips. (This one's my body type)

If you are this body type wear dresses with V neck tops with panels or darts and an A-line skirt.
Inverted triangle or Apple shape:
Your shoulders are usually larger than your hips and your bust is generally large.

With this body type, never, ever accentuate the upper half. You have enough attention there already. Instead concentrate in accentuating your waist line with a fitted or pencil skirt.

Rectangle/Straight/Athletic body type:
Girls with this body shape have a very small difference between bust and hips (like maybe 4-5 inches).

Now girls with this body type should accentuate hips. Try belts, an empire shape dress and some stitched lines 3 inches under your bust. Play around with scoops and V-necks.

Triangle/Pear shape:
Women with this body type have hips that are very round and larger than their shoulders.

Wear a dress with a well fitted top and straight skirt. It should fall straight from the hips so it can create a minimizing visual effect in your lower half.

Pear shape/Big hips and Small bust:
Enough said. Your body is most flattered with bustiers, strapless and empire waist dresses. Anything that brings a little attention to your upper half and give the impression that you have a pronounced waist line will do you great.

Little Special Details

Picking the perfect hemline:
If you want to make a good inversion and buy a dress for any occasion, the perfect hemline for you is on top or below the knee. You can't go wrong with that classy length, it works for work and play. If it's for playtime only, mid-thigh and 2 inches above the knee is perfect. If you are petite (like me! -I'm only 4'11") never, ever get a half calf length dress! It will make you shorter and you'll look horrid.

Have a tummy?
Please don't wear control products. There really is no point in hiding who you are and it just makes you look and feel worse about yourself. if you want to hide your waistline, bring attention to your hips.

Well girls, now you know how to pick that perfect dress that flatters you. Tell me what's you body type and any other special secrets you'd like to share to find that one dress!
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  1. Looks like you made a good choice to switch to fashion! That's great advice!

  2. What great info! Thanks so much.

  3. i like your blog!... i also plan to make another blog abwt fashion :)...

  4. This makes me want to go shopping. lol thanks for sharing such great info!

  5. You've been tagged. The rules are on my blog. Please don't feel obligated to play, but if you can, that's great!


  6. Great advice! I'm petite, I'd probably go for something fitted at the waist.


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