Saturday, January 31, 2009

Get Gossip Girl's Blair Headband Look!!

Yes, many of us right now are going absolutely crazy with Gossip Girl's Blair's headband look!
I don't watch tv much (actually not at all, Lol), however I love how Blair brings back the girly headband look into a totally new level!

So yeah, her designer headbands cost about what I earn in a week. That's why my sis and I
decided to get our designing skills working and make some ourselves!

Now when can you use headbands?
I say anytime, anywhere!! You see, headbands compliment any outfit! If you are going to a formal event something in satin ribbon and beautiful, elaborate bows do the trick. If you're out to school a great, fun headband can make you stand out from the crowd. If it's
for partying, something wild and attention-drawing will make you be noticed!

Here are some of the headbands my sis and I make and wear ourselves! If you like any, just go to our etsy shop, if we don't have
what you are looking for send us a pic and we can make it for you!

What do you think are you madly in love with headband again? Do you love Blair's headband look?
Take care, until the next time!


  1. Those are absolutely darling!

  2. Lovely, I like the red one especially!


  3. hi, thanks for subscribing! i love blair's headbands, i had a ton of headbands with bows already, but her awesomeness has spurred me on to get even more!

  4. I obviously don't watch enough TV either because I have no idea who Gossip Girl Blair is. I like the headband idea though. Very cool :)


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