Monday, January 12, 2009

How to Dress Fashionable - Shopping from the Clearance Section

You just saw that beautiful blouse, stare at it mesmerized. You are shopping on a sad $40.00 budget, and guess what? That's the exact price for that gorgeous blouse!! You get depressed, in fact; you cry and repeat to yourself: why am I poor? why can't I get this now? why? why? why? The store clerk is now aware of the fact that you are bawling in front of the rack where your beloved blouse is hanging, she passes by, and to make things worse she says: That blouse is leaving fast! If you want it, get a hold of it; I don't think they'll be bringing it back/we will be out of it by tomorrow! You, in a desperate action, take the blouse off the rack; down to the register and home with you. But then you realize, this is not what I needed. You feel stupid because you just spent a ton of money impulsively and didn't get what you need.

Does that story sound familiar? Well let me tell you, it happens to everyone! However learning and going through tough times make you a smarter and stronger shopper. Yes, stronger because you can withstand the temptations that the devilish store clerk throws at you.

I'm going to teach you to shop smartly. How to get a lot more for a lot less. What's the point of getting a $50.00 shirt if you can get five shirts with $50.00, see what I mean?

Rules for Shopping Smartly out of the Clearance Section:

1) Block out any offer store clerks recite as soon as you enter a store. Just pretend you heard them, say Thank you politely and move on. Because if you do listen, you'll think it's a good deal and chances are you'll end up paying for stuff you weren't after in the first place.

2) Stick to your budget! Yes, brainwash yourself into it. It takes practice and a lot of will but it is possible to train yourself to do this - believe me.

3) Walk directly towards the clearance section. The clothes/shoes/accessories there are truly for a fraction of a cost unlike those other store offers like "buy one and the other half price". These offers make you spend more -what if you only need a pair of pants, why get two and spend more cash?

4) That shirt/blouse/pants/shoes will be there unlike the store clerk says. Stores have a collection they must sell every season so they will keep on bringing that same item until the season is over. Usually every Wednesday is restocking day, so those are the best days to get the new items since they just got there. Now, you can do what I do - wait until the season is over and buy that item when it is in Clearance! You can get it for a huge discount and you won't feel so bad that you spent too much.

5) Try checking if the store has a website and compare prices. I've done this a million times and sometimes it's a smarter deal to shop online.

6) More for Less not Less for More! That is my motto. You can make different combos with 4 pieces of clothes than with only two.

7) Check your closet and ask yourself: what do I NEED! And basing on this you shop. Sometimes we don't need a new wardrobe, we just need to freshen it up. Think what pieces could help you give your old stuff a make over. Usually accessories can make a huge difference.

8) If you are going to sin and pay $40.00 for that item, put it down, leave the store and think about it. The pressure of being in the store and having the clerk/friends/family encouraging to buy will not help you make a smart decision.

9) Shop at the end of the seasons to get better deals. Like I said in earlier posts: if you don't need sweaters/coats now and you can spare a little cash, why not stock up?

These are the rules that I use myself when shopping. Being raised in a family with money problems has helped me train myself into spending money wisely -because money only came around very few times a year. So yeah, I had to buy more for less and make sure it would last me a while.

I hope these tips will help you a lot! Tell me what do you think? Do you have any other ideas/strategies when shopping? I'm looking forward to your comments! Take care and until next blog!


  1. Hey there! Just had to say I really like your blog. Found you through entrecard and I'm sure I'll be back.

    I'm also 22 and love fashion and shopping but am also a diehard clearance shopper so your blog is great for me!

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. Interesting blog you have here, very informative. See you around!

  3. I think I'm going to print this out and take with me next I am itching to spend a lot of money. Great article, thanks!

  4. Such true advice! Thanks so much for the article much you have done your homework here.


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