Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG, Michelle Obama and the girls Looked so Fashionable!!

Ok, truly I'm not a fan of criticizing people's wardrobe but today is an exception. I totally must comment on Michelle, Malia and little Sasha's attire.

I definitely love it when children are dressed as children. Really, nowadays children fashion is becoming more adult-like. It's like they take the same patterns and just shrink them! But back to subject, Malia and Sasha Obama were dressed in adorable coats from the J.Crew's kids' line Crewcuts. Malia looked adorable with her Royal Blue coat and black scarf. Little Sacha was super cute, with a peach and pink ensamble. Definitely, beautifuly dressed for the occation and totally appropriate for their age.

Now, lovely Michelle. Wow! I think that no matter what you wear, if you wear it with pride, elegance and complacency you will look stunning. That's Mrs. Obama's case. No matter what she puts on, she will make it shine because of her charm and that security she projects.
She was wearing a beautiful yellow-gold ensamble with beautiful texture and elegance and gorgeous green heels. Also a beautiful Vintage style neckline adorned her dress. This was a beautiful design by Isabel Toledo, a great Cuban fashion designer.

What do you guys think? Were the girls incredably cute? And did Michelle's dress stun you or not? I'd like to hear your opinions. Take care!


  1. I love their outfits...definately not the traditional "president's wife/family" attire

  2. I loved their outfits!
    I think they look so classic and stylish. Michelle totally has that Jackie O style.
    Classic and timeless!

  3. I thought they all looked SO beautiful! I was just worried that Michelle might get too cold, but loved her green gloves.


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