Friday, January 30, 2009

Organic Fabrics

Lots of us are now being more concerned with the food we eat and the water we drink. Veggies and fruits are grown with pesticides and chemicals that are harmful for our bodies, meats aren't processed adequately and are fed hormones and proteins that affect our health negatively and the water we drink isn't pure. But what about the clothes that we wear? I mean clothes are in contact with out bodies 24/7. You're probably asking why clothes?

Fabrics are made out of animal or plant fibers. Animals are fed chemicals to produce more wool etc. and "enhance" the quality of those fibers. Plants like cotton, are grown with chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are made out of components that are potentially dangerous to our bodies (skin etc.) So what to do?

Just like there is organic veggies and fruits and free-range meat and dairy products, there is organic fabric. Organic fabric is 95% or more made out of fibers that haven't been intervened with chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers and are grown in a natural manner. I mean about 1 pound of pesticides is used in just your regular tee and jeans!!

These fibers haven't been engineered, making them free of harmful junk and safe for human use. Now this method is very recent and a bit more expensive because of the raising conditions of animals and plants used but these are the pros:

1) Saving yourself and supporting the fact that pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and other chemical junk should not be used for humans.

2) Helping the environment. All that chemical junk won't end in your tap water or in your back yard soil.

3) You support small industries that dedicate to this and send out an alert to huge companies that things must change and they have to care about the consumer, not only about production.

So what do you think? Would you do the switch? Do actually use organic fabrics already? Let me know, hope you guys enjoyed the post, Until Next Blog!!

PS: if you want to get some organic fabric items, google it or check at lots of shops use organic for their designs!


  1. I buy organic food whenever I can, but I had not thought about my clothes. I would definitely pay more for organic if I could find things I liked.

    People don't understand why we so many people including our children are sick all of the time. Look at the the chemicals we eat, drink and breathe!

  2. Well dictate here. Nicely written all thought, that a mind cant think. That's nice. I am too also never think beyond the organic food. Thats the organic clothes are too. I'll go through organic fabric items.


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