Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday's Random Feature!

Hey everyone I hope your Saturday has been as productive and great as mine! I've been listing away in my Etsy shop (put up 5 new adorable items) and have been taking pictures for most of the morning. Well it's Saturday and you know what that means: TIME FOR SATURDAY'S RANDOM FEATURE. Lol, yeah I had to put it all in caps hehe.

Today's store, (I fell in love with it, btw) is called InuInspirations. The shop's owner is Allison and she started on Etsy because: "I was selling small pet goods (for birds, chinchillas etc) on my personal site and wanted to expand but thought that right now this would be the easiest outlet instead of creating a whole new website".

I really loved this store, because it's a cute pet accessory shop! I have a German Shepard and I am a crazy dog lover so anything pet goes with me.

She says her fave store item is Skelly Fish Cat Toy.

There's another reason why I love this shop: Inu means dog in Japanese, and I'm love anything Japan! Lol, well I hope you guys enjoyed the feature and go give InuInspirations a look!


  1. hi! Visiting via etsy forums. Nice blog!

  2. I got a ton done today. I am opening a 2nd etsy shop as soon as I have enough stuff done. It's going to be decoupage home decor. Much different than what I do now, but it's a lot of fun. Inulnspirations is a very cute shop. I also love dogs and have 2 of them. Thanks for sharing

  3. You do very nice work. Best wishes

  4. Very cool!! Nice to do a write-up on someone else - I've done them too. Will go check out your etsy shop.

  5. Congrats on having a productive Saturday. I did nothing work related today. lol Just family time & went to a play - but we had lots of fun.

  6. Gotta love those productive days :)
    Great feature!


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