Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's the designer up to??

Hi, everyone!

Lately I haven't told you what's up! It's been a while since we've had a nice chat. So this is what I've been doing and the thoughts that are going around in my head.

Ok, I've been ultra busy with my Etsy shop lately. After my day job at the tutoring center (yeah, haven't found a job in engineering yet) my shop occupies all my time. I added a few items like the one you see here inspired in the 40's and 70's.

Now about my fashion life, LoL, I'm seriously thinking about studying fashion online. I found a few cool schools that offer neat degrees, now like always; money is the problem, so I am now going crazy and saving everything I can to be able to enroll in the fall semester (that's the reason I decided to put some ads up). If I don't reach my goal, I guess I'll do the master's in urban planning or communications (I like both but don't think I could decide). These master's are cheaper and I can study them here. After that I'll move to New York and make another master's but in Fashion Marketing, c'cuz by then my sis will be almost done with journalism and we can both do master's there.

What else has happened? Umm... I guess that's about it! My life is pretty boring. Actually it's more like a neverending routine of everything happening over and over every day! Lol, oh well what do you think? Any advice or ideas for me? Hope I didn't bore you! Take care!

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