Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gossip Girl Headbands Galore!!

Sorry for not posting for a while, I've been really busy creating lovely headbands and jewelry for FunnyPeopleCo (a.k.a our shop). And so you all have an idea, this season we have been really inspired by Gossip Girl and Blair's lovely girly girl headband trend.

So, my sis and I prepared a little runway for our adorable new designs. I hope you all enjoy!

Gossip Pistachio Green Satin Ribbon Headband

Gossip Blair Black and White Headband

Gossip Black Tulle and Red Ribbon Headband

Gossip Tiffany Black and White Headband

RockStar Red Swarovski Earrings

So, which piece was you fave? We would love to hear your comments! Take care and until next post!


  1. I love the green headband. Very, very cute!

  2. Such fun headbands! What an easy way to dress up an outfit:)

  3. The pistachio green is my favourite, I love the heart charm on it too!

  4. Love the green satin ribbon headband. Very cute.

  5. Yes, I agree! The green headband is so cute! I like it.. Although I won't wear it if I have one.. lol.. I am not just fond of headbands..


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