Monday, February 2, 2009

Spring Fashions 2009 - The 70's and 80's are back!

Spring is just a few months ahead, so we must start thinking about leaving those heavy coats and snow boots in the closet and bringing out some lighter attire.

This Spring and Summer seasons will be a blast from the past as jumpsuits, polka dots, bows and lots of frills will make most of us remember those great days back in the 70's and 80's.

So, What's hot this season?

Hot Colors - Spring's bringing back lots of nude, neutral and transparent garments, beautiful Royal Blues, metallic golds and silvers and tropical colors like oranges and yellows.

Hot Prints - Polka Dots and exotic tropical prints.

Hot Jumpsuits - Yep, they are back too! Figure tight suits with neat candy stripes and leopard prints are back to haunt us (LOL)

Hot Hot Pants - They are going to be around for a while longer!

Hot Dress Pants - Cigarette Pants are in, and trousers with floral, tropical prints are having their comeback. Skinny pants are staying for a while longer and I betcha stores are filled with them already.

Hot Jackets and vests- Vests are available in an incredible amount of styles (from short to long, tunic styles)and are a great piece to give your wardrobe versatility.
Jackets with rolled sleeves, baggy blazers and anything that gives you that 80's feel is totally welcome!

Hot Accessories - Bug eye glasses, lots of punky lace, chandelier earrings, big necklaces are some of the awesome accessories that are coming back.

So what do you think? Are you going to go bonkers for the new 70's and 80', or is this a total nightmare?

I wasn't around for the early 80's so this might actually be fun for me. I'd like to hear your comments!


  1. It's a total nightmare... and I luv it!

  2. I knew if I kept wearing it, it would eventually all come back in style. LOL! Great post!

    Hugs ~ Claudia

  3. Oh no. I think I'll just hide until Fall and see what happens.

  4. back in the 80's I was too young to wear it now I may be too old. I'll have to see


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