Sunday, March 8, 2009

Animal Cruelty in the Fashion Industry

As a designer, I love to be able to create with different things, share beauty and see beautiful smiles on people's faces when something I have created with my mere hands brings them a little sunshine. Now, as a human being I know that I should share the love, peace and well being with every creature that roams this Earth.

My question is: Why should you have a killer dress when you have to kill?

I've never agreed with animal cruelty, I do not believe one needs to become a predator and hunt for skins if our superior intelligence has blessed us with methods of creating synthetic fibers and such.

I'd like to share this video with you all, truly something that touched both my sister and me. See animal cruelty in it's biggest manifestation. I hope it sheds some light and changes your ways of thinking. Please check this video out: click here!

Tell me what you think! Are you a fan of animal rights or not?


  1. I am so glad you posted this! In fact I was going to write about this too, seeing as 'fox' is the trend of the moment.
    I am a true animal lover and cannot bear cruelty to any animal. People who wear furs for no other reason other than because it's 'trendy' and who give no thought to the animal that died painfully make me sick.
    The fashion industry is very powerful - it's a shame they misuse their power.

  2. I've always hated real fur clothing and watching that video made me hate it more so. Especially the part where it showed the animal actually alive still with no fur - that was disturbing. Plain sick.

  3. Even i do agree with you..In ancient period, people used to wear cloths for protection, which was their need. But today wearing cloths is not more the need of mankind it has become the fashion & style statement. but that doesn't mean to kill animal for you fashionable cloths.
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  4. saw this from your link within... i do not wear fur and cannot understand why otherwise intelligent people would choose to buy new fur... vintage, meh, it still sends the message that it's OK... so i still shy away. i do wear leather, but i HOPE (some have led me to believe otherwise) that it is a byproduct of the meat industry. some synthetics scare me because they're made from petroleum. ack. do not want on my skin.

    anyway, keep spreading the word!


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