Sunday, May 31, 2009

Castles, Sand, Sea and Enchantment...

This is Old San Juan, the lovely capital city of the little island of Puerto Rico. No wonder they call it the Island of Enchantment; spend a few seconds in this marvelous city and you'll be transported to the times of castles and Spanish architecture. No matter how many times you visit this place, you'll always find something different; no visit is quite like the last believe me, and I'm luck enough to live only 15 miles away from it!

Today was my 4th yr anniversary (my bf and I are in pre-school, lol), so we went sightseeing and then to lunch to celebrate!

I'm Wearing:
Top: Charlotte Russe white shirt and Rave pink print layer top
Bottom: Old Navy denim shorts
Shoes: Pink Glittery Converses
Accessories: Headband, Necklace & Button Bracelets by FunnyPeopleCo (aka my shop)

These are just some little snapshots I took while running around...


  1. that's such a nice up close personal with the sea waves!

  2. What a cute bracelet! And pretty pictures. I love your past posts, those photos are amazing. Especially with the girl in the blue dress on the spiral steps!

  3. Very cute bracelet! And those buildings look lovely. The beach pic reminds me very much of home. *sigh* Oh Durban...


  4. old san juan is beautiful - on a vacation there my mom said that parts really reminded her of Cuba - that's the ULTIMATE complement she can give!! Feliz Aniversario!!

  5. I love these pictures. I wish I was there. I'm in Malaysia but unfortunately very far from the beaches.

  6. beautiful view...

    i love the pink laces..:)

  7. very fun blog
    I would love to visit there.

  8. lovely photos! Glad you have a good trip :)

  9. I love Old San Juan=)
    My newest post includes two of your headbands=)

  10. Thanks so much Olivia for including my headbands in your post! Love those tom shoes!



  11. It looks so beautiful where you are and I love the colors you're wearing!

  12. Great pictures! What a beautiful place.

    And a cute outfit!


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” ~Coco Chanel