Friday, May 22, 2009

Fashion Around the World - Sweden in the Eyes of Linnéa Bovik

My love for style and fashion makes me curious about fashion perspectives of people around the globe. I want to learn how others that share my same passion view the style/fashion world and how fashion feels in a remote (to me) place. So, one of our sweetest fans (lol, she's a lovely fan of our headbands) accepted my invitation to interview her for this blog post, isn't that wonderful? So, lets chat about Fashion Around the World, Swedish style in the eyes of Linnéa Bovik!
What is fashion like in Sweden, are there any special fashion trends?
We dress very minimalistic here in Sweden. Most of the people here only dress in white and/or black. Since we are careful with colors we concentrate more on what we have on us. It is not surprising to others if you come to school wearing a long dress, heels and hollywood curls.
If you use jeans they should be skinny jeans from the Swedish brand Cheap Monday.

Who do you consider most fashionable in your country: kids, teens or adults?
It varies from person to person. I guess the older teens or the adults.
I get the most inspiration from the people of my age up to perhaps... well, for example, my Godmother, about 50+, dresses in Chanel, Hermès etc. and I often get inspired by her.

As a young designer, what trends influence/inspire you
more, and which do you follow?
When I was younger, I followed all the trends. Now that I have grown up and become older, I just follow the trends that suits me. I would today never buy anything that does not suit me in terms of color, my body etc.
My style is pretty similar throughout the year. I often wear a dress in one color together with black tights and you can always see me in bows and/or ruffles. Then I take some trends as accessories. I always use white gold/silver jewelery because I don't suit in gold. This spring I'm most glad in the Balmain collection and would like to find similair shoes or the jackets with the shoulders.

What are you wearing right now?
Well, today I got up at 9 a.m. because I had an appointment with my seamstress but when I came back home I went straight to bed. So now it's 1 p.m and I'm sitting in a nightgown, a chiffon robe and rollers in my hair.

What would you LOVE to be wearing right now, if you had the money to go on a big shopping spree?
First of all I would buy a pair of Christian Louboutins pumps. The black one with the red sole. Then I would by a new Hermès birking bag in white, now I have one in smurf blue. Then I would buy my dream dress in white from Marchesa, or a long dress in chiffon from Lanvin ss08.
The bag and the dresses would not look good together but those are the items I want the most right now.
Any great designers in Sweden that you admire?
Diana Orving, Stylein (Elin Nyström), Ida Sjöstedt, Acne (Jonny Johansson) etc.


  1. Great interview... I have always wanted to go to Sweden, such great design there!

  2. Thanks for the interview. You should all visit Sweden and especially my hometown Gothenburg.

  3. Sweden looks fantastic! I absolutely need to go there at some point!

  4. i love you sweedes cute look nice sweaters skirts and hats to short for me

  5. i love chanel coco el


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