Monday, May 11, 2009

Fringe Boots - What's gonna be new in my closet! - Vintage Clothes!

Ok, I know Fringe Boots were the biggest thing in WINTER! But how I could I say no to a pair of adorable Vintage fringe boots that were yelling "take me home with you!" No, I'm not a compulsive buyer or anything, I'm just in love with Vintage and well for the price ($15.00) I though it would be a crime not to get them.

I bought them at a very sweet shop on Etsy, Sohh. The girl behind it is super sweet and has the cutest sweaters and Vintage finds for sale. (See, I'm NOT a compulsive buyer, if I were I would have bought her whole shop!) But yes, I can't wait 'til they get here, my sis and I are already planning a photoshoot with them! =D No worries, I'll post the pics here so you can get some cool ideas and inspiration for this summer. (Hey, there is no specific season to spice your stuff up with Vintage =p)
Have a great week everyone! XD


  1. My favorite vintage accessory is a good shoe/boot...unfortunately, I find a TON of amazingly great stuff and then see the size is a 6 or 7! Why were feet so small back then?! OR...why do I have to have such giant feet!!

  2. What a cute little vintage store! I'm always window shopping in the vintage section :)

  3. Vintage is so great! But I love vintage jewelry and buttons more than anything :)

  4. Love those boots!! People are wearing boots more then just in the winter!

  5. my daughter would kILL for those boots - summer or winter, GREAT FIND!!

  6. Killer boots! Gotta love the fringe!

    I agree - all seasons are boot seasons, LOL!


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