Thursday, May 21, 2009

History of the Mini Skirt/Dress - Summer 2009's hottest trend

The mini skirt and mini dress made their first appearances around the mid 1960's as a street fashion. They became popular around young women, and soon after great designers were starting to make it part of their haute collections and wedding designs!

This summer is bringing back that 60's flower power feeling, inviting us all to forget about layers and sweaters and open out hearts to tights, skirts and that girly girl feel. So, go scavenger hunting in your mom's or granny's closet and see what treasures you can find; the 60's are back!

Now personally, I don't like wearing mini skirts without tights or leggings underneath. If you are like me, and are going crazy just thinking that we will be invaded by mini skirts in stores everywhere and there is nothing we can do to stop them, I'm giving you a few tips to make this style yours so you can make the best of this trend:
  • consider layers - try tights/hoses/knee-high socks underneath if you don't want your bare skin to show, go for neutral colors, it will create the illusion that you are showing some skin and it will add some sweetness to your look.
  • try micro mini skirts or dresses with jeans! Yep, I love to do this one. Find some micro minis and combine them with your fave tee and some jeans -skinnys work best- and some sweet flats or sandals and you are ready to go!
So, are you glad the 60's mini skirt fashion trend is back, or are you gonna hide in your closet 'til it's over? I was gonna try the hiding thing, but then I came up with these cool ideas that I used to put to use back in high school, lol.


  1. I'm short, so I love minis! Great tips on the tights and leggings.

  2. Lol, me too artsdesireglass! I'm only 4' 11''! So yeah, minis are totally flattering!

  3. just found your blog via etsy. love it!

  4. I love the all black look in that last spread... so good! I often wear all black but feel as though I am just drab?! Oh well, I wont stop wearing it!! hehee

  5. Ooo yay! I love minis! I'm short so they help me seem taller!

  6. Haha yeah I can't wear short skirts and dresses without tights or leggings either! Everyone would totally see my undies.

    And Twiggy is totally my '60s mini idol.

  7. As a shortie, I love mini-skirts! They're eternally playful, although I do wonder how one may wear them past 30?

  8. cant wear leggings with a mini. The whole point is to get your legs out. if you don't have nice legs then don't wear them.

    its like girls with muffin tops showing their mids! gross!

  9. you don't have to show your your undies with a mini! keep legs together when sitting and getting up, especially when getting out of a car. don't bend over...bend knees. I can get away with no underwear if I like, even when doing a photo shoot...and nobody is any the wiser, Don't cross your legs in public, put your legs a little to one side and cross your lower legs only. Wearing a mini is an art! just practise in front of a mirror for a bit before wearing one out. Don't drink too much or you will compromise yourself!


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