Thursday, May 14, 2009

My New Vintage Boots and Magazines and some more babbles!

It's 6:38 pm right now and I'm sitting in my comfy bean bag staring at my new Vintage Boots that came in the mail today. They came so cutely packed that I didn't even want to open them! But my bf took charge of that for me, lol. So now all that is left to do is fix some neat outfits to go with them and photoshoot away!

Today was also pretty akward, running errands (today was my day off from work =D) we took the wrong exit on the highway and ended up somewhere totally new! Ok, so yeah, I truly didn't think of it like that when we were on the highway. I freaked out completely, I hate getting lost...
But it was pretty fun; in our little adventure we came across a cute little shopping center with a Borders so we decided to stop by. Of course, you guys already know I'm a fashion freak, so I came out of the store with a few new fashion magazines for inspiration and ideas! =D


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  2. Nice boots! Have you found the perfect outfit to go with them yet?

  3. I keep meaning to pick up Nylon how was it?

  4. Your boots look adorable. Personally, ankle boots are my way to go for now. I'm obssessed with them! Lucky girl, reading Nylon! I really want a copy...


  5. Gorgeous blog & fantastic boots!

  6. Those boots are looking fantastic....

  7. Gorgeous boots! Those headbands look awesome, gonna have to go check out your shop now. :)


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