Saturday, May 2, 2009

Punk Fashion - Fashion 101

So you may (or may not know) that Blink 182 is back in action to Rock the Punk Rock like no one else knows how to! Ok, so yeah I am pretty exited, I mean, I grew up listening to their music and imitating their style; so they are a pretty important part of my teenage memories.

Well, what's punk? It's actually a anti-fashion movement that started in London around the 70's and named after a music genre with the same name. Like most that followed the movement were of low income (mostly school drop outs and unemployed young people), torn clothes, frayed edges, razors used as pendants for chain necklaces and jewelry, tattoos and later on piercings became their trademarks.

Now, punk isn't seen as the same anti-fashion movement as before. It has evolved into a style of it's own.


  1. Isn't that St. Mark's ave in the last pic? I used to go down there for comics.

    But yeah, punk style ain't what it used to be. It's pretty mainstream now... which is kind of the opposite of it's original purpose.

  2. I totally agree Spiderbite!

  3. I agree with Spiderbite here. Punk fashion isn't what It used to be anymore. Nowadays people think that Punk is all about getting a lot of random piercings and tattoos and dying your hair pink, there is so much more to it!

    An anti-fashion movement which has now become a fashion. Ironic, ain't it?? ;)

  4. Yeah, anti-fashion. sure. But we sell Bullet Belts like they're made out of gold.

  5. I also agree with spiderbite punk fashion has gained a lot of popularity over the years. Punk clothing is a more preferred trend among the teenagers and young adults which gives them a very unconventional look. People wearing T-shirts with punk designs of punk and rock bands drive a lot of attention towards them as the punk style is unusual and differs from normal attire.

  6. To know punk fashion, live and breathe '70's punk music. It's the only real way to understand. It's about no trends...just bring YOU!

  7. you know before it used to be about making a statement, now people have twisted that around and made it into a "style." I think its great because then people could have other options when expressing themselves. I think people can use what was of yesterday and use it today to make it unique. It's a mark of history that people can help to not be forgotten.

  8. "its not a Fashion , Its a way of life"
    That sums up my take on it.
    I have watched the fashion change over the almost 20 years ive been in too punk and ya know what Hot topic isn't it. I agree with
    Anonymous said...

    To know punk fashion, live and breathe '70's punk music. It's the only real way to understand. It's about no trends...just bring YOU!

    Keep the faith.

  9. I used to wear punk apparel clothing when I was in freshmen, but soon I turned out be emo. Well, their fashion sense have some similarities, but usually emos love skinny jeans, have long bangs, and always match black and bright colored clothing and accessories. I can say that I'm an emo and punk, because these are the genres of my life.

  10. Punk fashion owes a lot to Vivienne Westwood. She's still one of my favorites.


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