Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shoes I Would NEVER be able to wear!!

Browsing around reading of beautiful new shoe trends for this summer, I came across an old blog post with some of the most extra-ordinary shoes I have ever seen. Ok, I to be honest am not a high heels kind of girl. I tried - I really did - to learn to walk with them but I guess I was just born to wear flats for the rest of my days!

However these shoes that I saw made me feel so happy that I was not a model in N.Y. Fashion Week Runways. But, as beautiful as they may be -I personally think they are cool - are they functional? I mean unless you are a model and are constantly needing to make an impression in the fashion world, would you wear these? I'm not sure who designed them, but I wanted to share the fact that they do exist.

Now, would you ever wear these? If you had the cash - assume they cost a ton! - would you have a pair of these, I could say painful shoes or would you pass?
Oh, Kudos to the owners of these pics - if its you, tell me and I'll link ya! ;D


  1. haha weird shoes! -They look like they could be painful! especially the bottom right ones.
    No, I don't think I'd wear them either :P

  2. Woah! I can't imagine moving around in those things.

  3. Oh my - interesting shoes. But "no" I wouldn't buy then either. How would you walk in any of them?

  4. Wow no I don't think I would ware them lol

  5. i'm a flats girl, too. but one can dream! haha ^.^

  6. i can't wear heals for too long! ... they look really painful... it's almost standing on the tippy top of your toes!

  7. The shoes on the top right are just too much. Aren't shoe models supposed to have pretty feet? If this poor model ever did have pretty feet, I hope she had an insurance policy, cause they look ruined forever. I wonder if I could make up something like this for our next live-action Rocky Horror Picture Show next Halloween!

  8. Oh wow, I'd break my neck!!!!!!

  9. I could never wear those shoes. That is crazy! Those are definitely not shoes for walking in.

  10. OMG - My feet & back hurt just looking at them! Cool post!

  11. I don't think I would wear those even if I were a celebrity. I tend to go for comfort, not to mention that those shoes look a bit, er, uh, dare I say, hideous. Give me a pair of clogs any day.

  12. Hey wow I love your designs/ accessories they really are right up my street I'd wear them all!
    So pretty.

    I am dreadful in heels, and lack all elegance, I just stump and trip around in them. But damn, still adore the painful things!
    I'm putting your brill blog on my daily blog read list thingy if that's OK?
    When I'm not so broke I want to buy one of your gems too! (:
    bye for now
    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons x

  13. Thanks guys for the comments! ^-^

    Oh and prettyneons, thanks! I'll link you back also as soon as I get a list of inspiration blogs together!
    which will be soon I hope!


  14. Crazzzy designs...must admit they are quite fabulous though...just to look at! ~XO*

  15. Oh my! I wouldn't dare to wear those kind of shoes.. Those shoes look so funny! LOL..

  16. I think they're cute but being almost six feet tall as it is -- I would feel like godzilla towering over everyone! Not to mention what those shoes could do to your ankles and knees if you miss step -- yikes!

  17. It can only be possible in my dreams gal. Its really wierd of having these.


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