Saturday, June 13, 2009

Etsy : Advanced - A Fashionable Book Review

Maybe I haven't told you all how much I adore reading. Truly I'll read almost anything; however my reading time now is so limited so I indulge and enjoy writing every little chance I get.

But, I had to make an exception for Jessica
  • The second best day to buy a showcase is Sunday.
Some neat Promo ideas:
  • Start a you tube video with your product
  • Design coupons for your shop and trade them
I've gotten some pretty good ideas for my own shop, so definitely the e-book is worth checking out.
Take a look at here sites:
Etsy: Advanced book


  1. thanks for the tip. really good. ill def have a look there. wish you a great sunday. take care xx

  2. Thats so weird about the favorite color being blue... I feel like if I put up anything blue it's instantly cursed! I think I've only sold one blue thing, ever!


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