Monday, June 29, 2009

The girl and her Homesickness...

Today is finally the day! I'll be away from home for 3 days, staying at a neat hotel with students and tutors of the center I work at. It's so funny because I already feel homesick and I haven't left yet! I totally am going to miss my sister and of course my bed and guitar ( I could take the guitar with me but I think that'll annoy my boss or something, so I rather not).

Good thing is I'll be able to take lots of outfit pics (I'm so excited about this) and I'll be able to post regularly in my free time. So, until later tonight!

Oh, a little beach-side inspiration to munch on until I get back:
(I need to upload these to flickr sometime, I took 'em a while ago)


  1. nice photos. =)
    wow u'll be away? where?
    and what's ur job? =D wanna exchange links?

  2. Hope you have a great time!! Yes - what is your job?

  3. oh i like your blog,it's cute, haha i miss my bed every time i go travel!;D

    btw,thanks for leaving comment on my blog!;)

  4. I am terrible with homesickness. In college, I lived an hour away from home and I don't think I ever went a week without coming home for the weekend.

  5. Ooh! Sounds fun! I was hoping to get some outfit pics on my trip this week end, but, um... I didn't. :( I need a tri-pod...

    But have fun!

    ~ Caitie

  6. Have fun... and take your guitar after all! Everyone loves music!

  7. Have a great time and safe trip! Hope you don't get too homesick sweetie. Love the ocean pics. :)

  8. I'm so excited for you! And I think you should totally take your guitar...God knows I drag mine everywhere I go!


    PS: Can't wait for the outfit posts =)

  9. I'm loving the beach shots!

  10. Wow! You are such a great photographer! I miss the beach now :(
    Hope you have a fun time!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  11. Wow, your pictures are so lovely1 I'm excited for the outfit posts.. And I LOVE your background. It's so amazing!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Exchange links?

  12. the 2nd picture is sooo beautiful

  13. The beach pics are gorgeous! :)


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