Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scoliosis can be Fashionable!

Yesterday, I was pretty down. Actually I thought my world would come to an end; the studies confirmed both my sister and I had mild lumbar dextroscoliosis, which means our backs are crooked to the right side in the lower back area. The deviation isn't that bad (thank God) only 13 degrees. (It's funny how we both have the same deviation degree and all).

The doctor said it was most probable to be hereditary and we've lived our whole lives with the condition. We were referred to a chiropractor and preventive care (and I have to take some vitamins and stuff for the disks - it's a pretty cool natural treatment and I'm feeling a tad better from the lower back discomfort) .

Just a while ago I decided to browse around the internet for info on the condition and found out I was not alone, a lot of musicians, actresses and even models and athletes suffer scoliosis. So in support of all those that have this condition, I dedicate today's blog post to them :

Kurt Cobain
Elizabeth Taylor
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Vanessa Williams


  1. I image it has something to do with long hours on your feet??

  2. Hope the treatment helps with the discomfort and pain!

  3. my ex-husband and his brother both have had scoliosis since birth... at least it's nice to have someone to share it with, right?? hope you are able to manage it well and aren't in too much pain. :)

  4. Sorry to hear about your condition! Chiropractors are miracle workers!

  5. I have a metal rod in my back from scoliosis surgery and it automatically game me super straight posture, which I guess is fashionable! Poor thing . . . I'm glad they caught it and can give you natural treatments for it. Hope your back gets to feeling better soon!

  6. Oh my gosh, I have that too! I've never noticed it though, apparently mine must be pretty mild. My doctor said that my right shoulder is slightly lower than my left because of how my back is tilted or something...but I honestly can't tell the difference.
    I hope your back feels better soon! :)

  7. ...So does my boy. His back hurts when he lifts heavy things, etc. But otherwise it really doesn't bother him. I hope your condition is similar, in that it doesn't bother you too much.

  8. I really hope that your treatments help you feel better. It's amazing, I had no idea how many celebs have scoliosis.

    P.S. thanks so much for your comment!!

  9. Hallo :)

    Thanks for sweet comment,
    I'm a little new on this giveaway-thing, not sure what I am suppose to do >< haha, sorry,
    Just tell me what do and I will have a closer look at it ;)


  10. Oh man. So sorry to hear that!
    Glad the treatment is helping relieve you some!

  11. we both hope your treatment goes well for both of you! we hope that everything will be better <3

    and the layout of your blog is so pretty, not to mention great blog :)
    must link you !!

  12. Oh my, that sounds painful! I hope you feel better soon.


  13. That must be pretty painful :( Good to hear the treatment was nice!!

  14. Oh my love, I can really relate to this and know how your feeling I'm poorly with my joints too. Doctors don't know what the prob is yet either despite constantly being in and out of hospital, all that poking not funny nor pleasant.

    Do feel to drop me an email if your ever feeling a bit blah (wow mind blowing descriptive word there LOL)

    PeAce & hugs...
    prettyneons XxX

  15. Oh, no! Well, if Elizabeth Taylor had it and managed to look that good, I bet you can, too.

    Re your comment: Yes, I took the pics myself :)

  16. I have scoliosis of the spine and have to have extensive surgery to try and correct it. The top curve was of 85 degrees and the bottom curve was of 80 degrees. So as you can imagine i was extemmely disfigured. Im glad i had surgery because even tho ive been left with a 15inch scar down my back it made me learn alot of things in life like bullies in school were just pathetic, friends who never visited me once werent real friends and because i was so determined to gget back on my own to feet, my confidence has shot throught the roof. I grew 5inches over night and lost alot of weight. But now im the person ive always wanted to be. Confident, intelligent, out going with alot of self esteem belief and a fantastic posture!! I hope all goes well for you. Excercise really helps me so you could try that if you havent already. all the best x

  17. i have scoliosis to and im only 15 soon to be 16, the day i started having pains was the start of this year of school as freshmen, it sucks really cause how my doc. was poking about and it hurt.

  18. I have scoliosis and im 16, i only found out a few months ago and im going for an MRI scan next week. They said if i need the operation and i want to go through with it, then i will be happening in winter of 2010. Does anyone know the success rate of scoliosis? because im worried about being paralysed. x

  19. I am sorry to hear about your back problems. I get letters about this all the time -
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  20. hi i have scoliosis i had a titanium rod inserted 35 yrs ago.......ive been trying hard to disquise my back but after seeing all the stars who also have it ...i feel a whole lot better now

  21. My daughter has scoliosis and is due for a spinal fusion on 17th jan 2010. we are both very nervous but the support of the scoliosis support site is brilliant. People who have real experience of this condition are there to offer support and answer any questions that you may have. Positive thinking is really the only way to deal with this. So many others have scoliosis, and its not the end of the world. Mary Dublin

  22. Hi! I was 18 when I learned that I have dextroscoliosis. I did not feel any discomfort back then so I did not bother to visit an Ortho..

    I'm 23 now and I'm starting to feel back pains whenever seated for long hours. I visited a doctor last week and learned that I also have levoscoliosis. So now my spine looks like an inverted "S". I was advised to do some mild yoga exercises. I browsed the net and read a lot of stories/blogs encouraging people with dextroscoliosis/ scoliosis to enroll in a yoga class.

    I'm still looking for a gym that offers a yoga class but you guys might want to try yoga too. We'll get better guys, don't worry. Just be positive and always PRAY! All the best!!

  23. Can you share more about the "natural treatment" you are getting? Is it a specific method or program or are you just going to the chiropractor?

  24. Hi!

    Do not fear, you are not alone! I was diagnosed when I was 10 years old with scoliosis and it progressively got worse. Eventually bracing was decided as the best route of action, it was hell and I detested it. Long story short, it did not work. Later my curve progressed to the point where surgery was required (I was 15) and I was placed on a waiting list for 2 1/2 years. I had my surgery in December 2009 during Winter break and was released from hospital on Christmas morning. After 2 years of surgery you can do a vast majority of activities, after 3-4 years you can pretty much do anything you want. Surgery really isn't horrible, recover can be rough but it's the same with most major surgeries.

    Anyway I just wanted to share my story with you and wish you all the best.

  25. I'm 13 years old and i have severe scoliosis, double curve. Lumbar is 30 degrees, then the upper part is about 50 degrees. I'll be having surgery this year, and I don't feel really bad. :D

  26. Yes, you are right! "Scoliosis can be fashionable!!" I had had a scoliosis surgery done on 31 Jan 2013. After visited your blog, I feel better loads because am not alone really!!

  27. I have scoliosis too. I'm 17 and I have 2 curvatures. one is 110 degrees and the other 90 degrees. This really helped cause now I know that I'm not alone.


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