Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Vintage Hair Look - How to get dreamy, vintage pin curls

Summer is here and along with that comes our busy schedule of family reunions, outings, summer dresses and sandals. So, we have any time left to deal with our wild, dry hair? The answer is not really. So, a very sweet way to wear your hair this summer that would totally flatter any outfit for absolutely any occasion is with Vintage Pin Curls! I was trying it out myself (yes, today was a pretty boring Saturday) and jotted down the procedure so you can all try it too. Here goes!

You'll need:
A comb
Bobby Pins
Some curling gel or lotion (depending on your hair type)
A light scarf or hair wrap

1) Wash your hair and condition it as you usually do and towel dry it. If it's all tangled, comb it gently. Also, if your hair is naturally straight/fine, find a nice curling gel or lotion and apply in this step.

2) Take moderate strands of hair and curl them tightly around your index finger from the tip to your scalp. Roll the curl off your finger and use a bobby pin or two to secure it to your head.

3) Keep repeating step 2 with the rest of your hair, do curls in different directions to add some fun to your hair.

4) Keep the curls for several hours or over night, wrapped in a scarf or a comfortable fabric wrap.

5) Remove them and fix them around with your fingers, spray some hairspray and but a pretty flower on it and voila!

Hope your curls turn out super sweet!! =D


  1. cute hairstyle.
    thanks for commenting me (:


  2. Always a huge fan of pin curls and finger waves!
    Be sure to post a photo when your hair is all
    pin curled!

  3. I think this would be wasted on my boringly straight hair. It won't do anything fun... I even dyed it recently and it came out the exact same color! haha
    I'd love to see photos when you try it though!

  4. That looks like Audrey in Roman Holiday! I can get the curls but I fear I will never get that gamine gorgeousness of Audreys!

  5. I love this idea! I will have to find a way to work it with my naturally super curly hair!

  6. Oh! That must be so lovely! I should try it after I get my hair cut, later this summer. I don't think it would work very well with my hair, it being as long as it is... (it nearly comes to my waist)

    ~ Caitie

  7. I love it that you put all this together! Fantastic!

  8. Not so crazy about pin curls, my grandma always had them (sorta) so I associate them with grandma's. Love the shoes in the pics below though!! Would love the green ones.

  9. I love all the vintage styles, especially the hair! Now if only I could get my hair to cooperate...

  10. This is such a great style, I love the vintage-feel that still looks cute.

    Too bad my hair refuses curl :(

  11. Lovely!! Great idea.

  12. My mother use to put her hair in pincurls so this brings back memories for me, in fact she placed the bobby pins in so that they made an X. I recall seeing all those X's and her hair was perfectly done. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. wow thanks for these tips! i'm gonna have to try it out! i'm always trying to get that pretty curly look!


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