Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watching the Sea Wash Up on the Shore...

In only 6 days from today, I'll be walking by the sea, relaxing under the sun and having a sweet Strawberry Frappé with my 25 students, 4 teachers and my boss at the Double Tree by Hilton Ok, I take back the relaxing part; last year and the one before that I only slept 4 hours in 3 days! You need to keep all your eyes open, teens can be a tad wild when they are away from their parents. I'm pretty excited because I got the neatest clothes to wear and even got a cute little tripod to take pics of my outfits (yay, the hotel has wireless connection so I'll be able to post them all!). Today, I just want to share some pics of the clothes I got online and some other pics of the hotel I'll be staying at. Hope you enjoy! And tell me if you like the clothes. ^-^

I'm wearing this dress the last night, we always go to Chili's. I'm matching them with a black scarf tied around my neck and a white tee, some black tights & cute black shoes, or the boots below, I'd like to add a little grundge to it, need help deciding.
I'm stealing this look, I'm wearing a similar plaid shirt in blue, red and white and some shorts (not too short, just a little above the knee) and some comfy converses if I don't find any Gladiator sandals in time.
This tee will be worn for dinner the first day, it's an informal, totally casual dinner (it's probably pizza), match with some confy denim shorts, filp-flops and a choclotale brown belt.
I'll be sleeping in that!! Ok, I get to share the room with the Spanish Teacher, Liz. She has had to put up with my sad photoshooting obsession in past ocassions so she's pretty much used to it, I hope. =D
The view from my window! Or maybe, if I don't get the other side!


  1. Wow sounds like a great time! I say go with the boots, you can never go wrong with a little grunge. Well, you can, but that's irelivant.

  2. I want to go to the sea! I love the outfits, though I can't imagine the black one with a t-shirt under it.
    I hope you have lots of fun with those wild teens!

  3. I love those boots. Have a great time on your
    trip, the hotel looks beautiful!

  4. Oh, I'm so jealous!! Have a great time and enjoy yourself!! :D

  5. Wow I hope you get more rest than you did the last time!! I've just brought my two young cousins out to spend the day and at the end of it I was exhausted... so imagining 25 teens who have more independent power to run amok is a draining thought to me XDDD

    Am liking the black dress you're going to wear for the last night- the detail on the fabric is love! PLUS IT HAS POCKETS <333 I think boots would be cute to go with the outfit too, but ultimately I guess you'd have to try both to see which ones match the the feel you want to wear on that day :)

    Btw the room you're going to be staying in looks sweeeeet!

  6. The first dress : wear with little black shoes or with the boots when you haven't got the tee on...
    Post pics of the two combination's before you go :)

  7. Hey hey, wow wow wow, I adore the dress and shirt, these are great picks.
    And wow (again) that hotel looks very movie star glam indeed!

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneons X
    PS...Glad I'm not the only one who works 24-7 LOL!(:

  8. Ooh I likes them bootsies


  9. Ooh! Sounds fun! Aren't summer tips with nice clothes just the best?

    ~ Caitie

  10. 'Love the dress and the boots are cute too!
    Nice blog :)


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