Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Business Attire is my Worst Enemy and Math is my Friend...

The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. ~S. Gudder

I believe in the theory that states that business-like clothes were put on this Earth to make me suffer and live in grief and frustration. Today I went to a ton of different stores to find something businessy and appropriate for this reunion I was forced to go to and found myself hopping around from shop to shop trying my best to find something that would go with my body type and that would please my boss (since she believes I have no sense of style whatsoever). I ended up with plain black pants, a white blouse with a black cardigan, though a few minutes later I get a phone call telling me that I was re-assigned to a booth and my dress code changed from business to a polo and khaki pants -off to the customer service line. Btw, just in case you all were wondering I work as a math teacher but at times the director believes she is CEO to a huge company and not a tutoring center. =/
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  1. aww haha
    do you like math too much?
    i don't really, but i try to tolerate it, i had several classes surrounding it such as structures calculations and such
    i am an architecture student
    we could pair and construct together haha


  2. Ugh, business attire sucks. I'm a history major, but math used to be my favorite subject. There's just something so clean about it. I love the aesthetic of written math. Plus, despite the fact that I understand it completely, calculus still seems like magic to me and I love it for that.

  3. I wish I was as good at maths as you are. I really do. It's like a nerdy little wish of mine coz I actually find maths quite cool. Those pics are beautiful, especially the first one!


    PS: Your boss sounds like a "delight". ;)

  4. Math is my friend too. Well, sometimes not.. Haha. Good luck with your boss..

  5. interesting photos, like it!

  6. haha i agree! work clothes are universally unflattering (unless you are a tradie / plumber... yummmmmm hahaha amirite?? lol)
    maths teacher aye? i must admit, that photo of the maths cafe is creeping me out.. haha its coz i suck so much at maths its not even funny

  7. LOL, i gotta say, math is trying to be my friend, but i don't want it to be!

  8. You like math? that is my worst subject by far.

  9. I am not a fan at math, but admire people like yourself who are skilled at it. You rock girl!

  10. Yay! A fashionista who loves math! Very impressive. :)
    Sorry the dress code is such a drab.
    Business attire can be fun though, if you see it as a challenge. Maybe a cute little Nanette Lepore suit? Or a Chanel suit wannabe from White House/Black Market?

  11. Really good site! I found you through Etsy, maybe you can follow me, too!
    I am excited to keep up with your posts.

    P.S. I really like your layout!

  12. I'm one of those peole that was not made for math. I've alwayys admired people that are able to make logic out of what seems like a mess to me I much prefer words and concepts.

  13. I really don't like maths myself. Never my strong point, I was far more interested in the arts!

    Business wear can be so dull but I think once you've settled into a job etc you can start to bring some flair into the way you dress.


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” ~Coco Chanel