Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't try hard being someone you're not...

I was tagged by my little sister Louie from Louie in Wonderland! It's a tad funny when you get tagged by your sister or any close relative, they usually know you well enough and when you start writing your post they're like "oh, I knew you were going to write/say that". So, thanks Lou for tagging your annoying sis. =)

1. What is your favorite item of clothing?
If there is a a piece of clothing I cannot live without it's my Vintage fringe boots. Jackets and vests are a close second, I always must have something to help me pull an outfit together and jackets and vests are the perfect garments.
2. What are your biggest obsessions?
My biggest obsessions are singing and music and having everything under control. I'm a tad of a control freak, I sometimes feel as if everyone and everything in the universe counts on me having all under control and perspective. Lol, and I sing too much for my own good sometimes! I wonder how my family bears with me?

Who inspires you?
I think everyone I meet inspires me in one way or another. I don't have any specific idols (except when singing, I adore Amy Lee's voice and I so try to sing like her) that inspire me. I believe that every person that crosses my path has something to share with me, either an experience, a trait anything can impulse me into being a better person in every aspect of my life.

4. Who is your favorite designer and why?
I must say Luella is my all time favorite designer. She is fresh, cool, has a great personality and designs from the heart.

What is your favorite song ever?
If there is a song I'd listen to forever and ever until the end of time it would be Hello by Evanescence. The song is truly enchanting and there is sorrowful feeling to it that I've never heard in a song before.

6. What is your favorite song right now?
Umm, recently I've been really into Dream Theater and Within Temptation, so I must say that my fave songs right now are Endless Sacrifice (dream theater) and Angels (within temptation).

If you were a sweetie what would you be?
Lol, I'm assuming a sweetie is some sort of candy so I'll say I'm a gummy bear!

8. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet- what words would describe your rainbow?
Wild Cherries, Pink Lemonade, Ebony Black, Lemony Yellow, Forest Green, Blue sky and Plum Purple!
9. What's your favorite film?

My fave film of all time is The Secret Life of Bees, I really enjoy Dakota Fanning's acting. A close second is Doubt. I believe that movie was so beautifully made!

10. Who's your favourite actor?
Anne Hathaway, Dakota Fanning, Meryl Streep and Robin Williams!

11. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
I'd be in London! Yes, I am quite obsessed with the city.

12. What are your 3 favourite smells?

Vanilla, Cinnamon and Spices.

13. What are your 3 favourite tastes?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's, Dark Chocolate and Alfredo Sauce!

14. What is your most treasured possession?

My electric guitar (I'd die without it), my song lyric notebook, my cell phone and my teddy bear.

15. What did you always want to be/ do when you grew up?

I wanted to be so many things! I wanted to be a musician, architect, fashion designer, journalist, writer and photographer.

16. If you were an ice-cream what flavor would you be?

I'd definitely be Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

17. If someone made a short film of your life, who would play you?

I'd want Anne Hathaway to play me. Her role in the Princess Diaries is so much like me, especially the hair, lol.

18. What would your perfect afternoon consist of?

It should start in Old San Juan, playing some guitar and singing with friends, a sweet sea breeze blowing and a lovely sunset. Maybe head for a bite at someplace nice later on and hang around the pier taking pictures.

19. If you were a flower, what would you be?
A white rose, that's my fave flower.

20. Tell me a random thing....be it your favorite line from a song, scene from a movie or quote from a book.....tell me about something that you love.....
My fave quote of all time is a saying that Albert Einstein once said: "Imagination is greater than knowledge".

Now, I'm tagging Cesc from Planet Plum and Amelia from Ambiguous Alliterative Abomination.


  1. Cool answers. I love gummy bears. And London is most definitely the coolest city!

    Thanks for the tag!


  2. from a non sister perspective you are highly NOT annoying! fun post!

  3. This was really interesting to read. Luella is definitely in my top ten for favorite designers and I love cookie dough ice cream :)

    By the way, I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I got your package. The headband is so lovely! Thank you so much. As soon as I take some pictures of it, it will definitely be featured on my blog.

  4. Hehe, loved your answers. And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note! :) I really love reading things people leave behind.
    And The Secret Life of Bees is a favorite of mine, too! I'm most definitely following you.
    Be sure and stop by again! And if you can follow, I would really appreciate it!


  5. I know what you mean about trying to sing like your idol! I wish I could sing like PJ Harvey but always end up sounding more like Joanna Newsom (who I also love).

  6. ohh i agree. vanilla is one of the best smells ever :]

  7. Amy Lee has amazing style! I aspire to someday be as awesome as that!

  8. Your rainbow sounds exciting and very yummy! XDD
    Anne Hathaway is also one of my favourite stars because she not only has a pair of lovely emotive eyes and a great smile, but she also looks good in everything that she wears :D

  9. i really love this post! we have a lot in common i just found out from your answers. Thanks for the comment.
    xoxo taylor

  10. Love, love, love this. Vanilla is one of my favorite scents. I think that Amy Lee is tremendously talented - and gorgeous. I think of myself as a gummy bear. Oui...I think we're one and the same, darling! :)

  11. i want to watch the secret life of bees (:



  12. Ice cream sounds so good right now and that gummy bear - so cute in the picture! Oh, and love Amy Lee, such an amazing voice. I am obsessed with music like you.

  13. sweet answers!
    wow so louie in wonderland is your sister?
    and i agree with 'elsiee' you are not annoying!
    this was great to read through, very nice and personal. i think daria can relate with your answer to no.2, shes a bit ocd lol not that its a bad thing!
    thankyou for your lovely comment!

  14. Such an interesting post! :)

    I love London to :)

    Love Kirsty .x.


    Just thought I'd let you know that theres a fun little blog award over on my blog for you! :)

  15. i LOOOVE luella too!!! and i totally forgot about amy lee until you mentioned her!

  16. great answers, lovely read :)

  17. Great post! I too love Luella. I just checked out your etsy shop and you have so many cute things!

  18. Very interesting tag. I love reading tags because then I can get to know the person better.

    Angels is a pretty song, I used to love Within Temptation.

    By the way, I nominated you for an award, you can read the post on my blog. :)

    ~ Caitie

  19. yummy gummies... they are the best in europe! And cookie dough ice cream... YUMMERS!!!

  20. I looove Anne Hathaway. And that gummy bear picture is so cute! :))

  21. Ah the gummy bear shot is sweet! I do love Luella and yay for London. I'm there a lot next week catching up with friends.

  22. London--what an amazing city! Just had to comment because I love it, too.

  23. Mmmm I'm with ya on the gummy bears question--I love those things! Clear is my favorite, weirdly enough.

  24. HI!

    Thanks for passing by my blog ;)

    I just read your profile, I guess we got things in common, I´m also unemployed engineer and i´m working right now as a freelance make up astis ;)



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