Friday, August 21, 2009

Rainy days are good luck days...

The magic of being in an unknown place, is indescribable in it's entirety. It's as if every inch of it is uncharted territory and a new celebration goes on as you go about discovering.

Music school is most definitely a different world; uncharted on my map. Suddenly spacing out is now a norm for me, I just remain ecstatic at times, realizing that I'm living my dream; I'm not dreaming it anymore.

My first day of class was an incredibly stormy day, must apologize that I'm not including outfit pics in this post because I misplaced my camera's charger and it's been dead for a while. =( However, I could manage to take only one shot of the weather while I was on the train before it went battery dead. I'm loving these...

Sorry for being such a bad blogger and not posting for almost a week, been so tired lately I've even gone to bed around 10pm this whole week!
How has your week gone??
Take care guys! =)
*all pics link to their source*

PS: just had to add that I got the shirt in my past post at Charlotte Russe for $10.00, it is cute isn't it! XD

PSS: BY this weekend I'll have fixed a surprise post about something ultra special I got in the mail! =)


  1. hello's,
    oh so glad thing are looking up for you, how exciting your on a brand new adventure I love that feeling(:
    Do let me know how it all goes

    PS...Your not a bad blogger-- stop that he he

    prettyneons X

  2. love this post! great pics!! so glad ur living your dream!! p.s it hasn't stopped raining here in days so must be loads of good luck going around!
    much love from Ireland xx

  3. I love the woman with the dress and all the broken pianos. Hey, we all get overworked and tired sometimes!!!

  4. The picture with the piano legs is simple gorgeous!! Music is really a big part of our lives.

  5. Get some rest, don't over exhauste yourself! :)

  6. I really want to sit on my bro's piano and jus take photos XD

    I love the skirt in the first photo

    *passes coffee*

  7. Congrats on your new adventure!! :D It sounds like you're having a great time!

    Those pictures are so pretty, I love the one with the piano print socks! I saw socks like that at the mall recently, I really want them! :)

  8. you are NOT a bad blogger, and it's only reasonable that you were focusing on something that you're passionate about :D!!!! and OMG my heart stopped momentarily when i scrolled down and saw the piano leggings image... WOOOW!!

  9. I just did my post on rain too, except mine as about wanting the rain to come, lol! Glad you are doing well and love those pictures, I love the piano! Rest up sweetie and enjoy your weekend! XO

  10. Hope the sun shines in your world in all ways very soon. Thank you for the super job you do with your blog!

  11. Rain Rain, go away... I sing for you.

    I'm glad you enjoy your music school. Music was never for me. I think my teacher actually hated me. Not to bring your happy mood down :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by - thanks for backing me up on the photobooth pictures. Glad it's normal ;)

  12. Hey! you got an award! :)
    It's in my site.

  13. Isn't it wonderful to be doing what you love??? I think it couldn't be more amazing! Have fun with it girl and soak it all in ;)

  14. cute pictures! (:
    good luck on school

    i love rainy days and the way it smells


  15. Love the pictures. :)

    I wish I could bring an umbrella in my purse. I never find the time or money to buy a small enough one though. XD
    haha, with the rain where I live, I'm surprised I don't have one yet.

    Aww, I hope you find your charger! I know I went ballistic when i lost mine. :(

  16. I feel slightly appalled that the piano is violated in such a way, but those photos are really pretty!

    My week was really busy, am still trying to adjust school life with my social life, but I'm sure everyone experiences the same crisis :P

    I hope that your camera works again soon! And it must feel great to be living the dream! :DD

  17. Awww, that Charlotte Russe skirt is ADORABLE. I love it, and I know you're going to be able to give it the extra punch it deserves! And even though you're tired right now, you still sound happy. :)

    Be sure and pop by & leave a note!!


  18. When I came to your blog again, I laughed! Today was a rainy day. I was not pleased, but hopefully it was a good luck day! Haha.

    Thanks so much for stopping by - your comment was super nice :):)

  19. I love the pic with jessica stam. So gorgeous!


  20. I'm so glad you're living your dream. This post is really inspiring :)

  21. it's such a bummer your first day of class was rainy! :(

  22. I love the photo of Jessica Stam amidst pianos. As for music school, I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. You seem to be very creative and inspired :)

  23. I love your page!!!! It's like a giant mood board that always changes! ha, it's great!
    .....also gives me a little inpiration too, Love your style!

  24. mm. that gown is gorgeous! btw. i got sick from food or a virus. nobody really knows for sure.. thanks for your comment dear. have a great upcoming week!

  25. Hey, thanks for the comment - I had a just fabulous night out thanks! Its raining tonight though so am stuck in like you last night. Wow music school must be fun, I bet everyone asks you if its like Fame of something...

    I have an amazing photo of a piano that was used as a flower pot (literally), my brother found it on holiday one year, I'll try and post it to Unicorns sometime!



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