Monday, October 5, 2009

Pearls are a Girl's Best Friend

Pearls are a timeless piece of jewelry that no matter the era, they will always enchant and provide a girl that sense of elegance and status.

A gorgeous pearl necklace could be a central piece in an outfit; it can be that piece to totally transform an attire from dull to ecstatic. Pearl earrings can give a girl that air of innocence an outfit is lacking. Pearls are definitely a girl's best friend.

Browsing around for pearls I found this pearl jewelry shop that has the most breathtaking pieces.
I'd love to get these mikimoto pearls someday when I become a famous singer or designer; whichever comes first, lol!
Personally, I think the necklace is gorgeous *drooling here* and would go beautifully with those fabulous gowns symphonic metal singers wear.
uhh, yeah I wanna be a symphonic metal singer just to wear cool gowns, best way to marry my music and fashion passions!

Guys ask me stuff!! I want to put up a Q & A post so ask me anything you'd like to know!

A few weeks have passed and I'm still waiting for my bass guitar that I ordered. I really want to start playing bass (not practicing bass with a guitar, lol).

**Today, I took a test, my brain is a tad fried. Not because of the test, more like I totally over-studied.**

**Special Thanks to Mikimoto Pearls for letting me use their pic**


  1. Hmm, pearls are nice, but not really me. I like the darker grey pearls, but the white and off white ones are just too pure and innocent for my general look.

  2. I love pearls too, they are so classic. Hmm, questions. How about what is your favorite shop and what is your favorite snack? Hope you enjoy the day when your guitar arrives!

  3. I really love pearls tooo,a really classic touch to any dress:)

    I have a real pearl necklace from my mom and its really so precious <3

    Ohhh questions~ How tall are you ? And who is your favorite designer ?

  4. I like pears but I like to combine so they don´t look to classic or preppy. BTW, today my post has a lot of pearls. We have been thinking about the same lately. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  5. I love pearls, especially long strands of them piled around my neck!

  6. i love pearls, my dad just bought my mum a necklace of real pearls for their 30th (pearl) wedding anniversary. real pearls are actually so heavy! and have a lovely mix of shades like blue and green and less yellowy like fake ones. xx

  7. I love pearls too! is my favourite jewel :D

  8. i love pearls!! they are very cool and femenine!! something romantic maybe jeeje!!

    take care ;)

  9. Pearls are lovely.. i used to love them in my teens.. now i just find them too convetional..

  10. Amazing necklaces! <3

  11. They say that pearls make you cry? It's some sort of supertition people have here. lol

  12. totally agree! pearls are timeless and work well with even a hard edge outfit. i hope you are well on your way to becoming a famous designer/singer!

  13. pearls are just beautiful ! and expensive . haha . maybe i will buy one when i'm rich already . lol . question : do you learn all of music instruments ? isn't it hard ? haha . thanks !

  14. lovely pearls. i admire women who wear it. but i don't think they fit on me well. :)


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