Friday, October 23, 2009

Puerto Rico Gulf Refinery under fire

I know this may have absolutely nothing to do with Fashion or Style, but it's news that has gone around the globe and its epicenter is basically in my backyard.
At 12:25 am, the Caribbean Petroleum Corporation exploded, 14 of the 40 tanks that contain bunker fuel, diesel and gasoline are now in flames and almost 24 hours later, firefighters and emergency personnel haven't been able to mitigate the fire.
I live around 3-4 miles away from the refinery, but we can see the flames and smoke clearly from here. My sis, bf and I took some pictures and they are terribly heartbreaking.
I fear for not only the animals in the zone, but also two dams are built around the perimeter, and being an engineer has helped me understand the severity of the problem. The water that is being used to turn off the fire is directly going to those dams, still no action plan has been activated for safekeeping those water bodies. Plus, the possibility of acid rain is imminent, because of the quantity of pollutants that are being burnt and launched into the air.
I don't believe the island is prepared for this, probably the fire will keep on going for days.

I know this post is totally off topic, but I just thought it was something important worth discussing. They still have no idea what could have triggered the explosion, the authorities are still investigating.

Have any of you seen an environmental disaster like this before?


  1. I have never witnessed anything as terrible as this, and I may be weak for saying this, but I hope I never have to.

  2. hopefully the fire will go out soon!

  3. I didn't know you were from PR!!!! [me 2] My mom told me you can see the smoke in Mayaguez! Now, when she said that I was like O... M... G....

    I knew it was bad, really bad and they had said that it was going to take at least 4 days to take care of the fire, but WOW.

    I do hope you're ok, and your family too.

    PS: I might link to this post ;)

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  5. oh i have never seen such a catastrophe, with my own eyes. it's so scary, i get shivers only thinking about it. i feel so sad for all the lief around it, my heart breaks, it breaks. oh dear, i hope you are ok. <3

  6. I have added you to my links :D

  7. OMG. I can believe this is happening and that it is taking place so close to your home. It is a very sad news. Hopefully it will be solve soon.
    Wish you all my best.

    B* a la Moda

  8. that looks like very severe. what a catastrophe. things like this are very heartbreaking ;(

  9. oh my goodness, I have never been around such an accident..hopefully your community will pull together through the problems. Please keep us updated with this. I hope there is no acid rain! xx

  10. i really start to watch the news or pay attention! xxx

  11. truly terrible :(

    Fashion Limbo

  12. That is so frightening! Take care of yourself! Nothing like that has happened around here thankfully!

  13. I've never experienced or seen anything like this firsthand, but I do know that with fires this large, it's going to take a lot of effort to try to put it out :( Be safe!

  14. How terrible. No, I haven't witnessed an environmental disaster of this scale before. Stay safe and I hope everything clears up sooner than later.

  15. how absolutely awful! I hope nobody was hurt!

  16. Oh my goodness! I've been so detached from the world lately that I hadn't heard anything about this. How terrible! I'm so lucky to have never been anywhere near such a big disaster before.

  17. Although this must terrbile, there must also be some kind o awe at the power of this natural body, but mostly fear I'd expect, be safe.
    On a complately different note, I love the presentation of your blog. It's like a big online scrapbook, like the diary things you make as school as kids, but with this whole sophisticated edge!
    Love it.
    The Fashion Tape.


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