Saturday, November 7, 2009

Get Ready for School

Who said uniforms will never be cool?

I remember growing up right in the middle of the implantation of uniforms in schools. There were discussions about how uniforms affected our individuality negatively; how they killed our identity. Also, there were those that believed uniforms gave a student a feeling of belonging and helped maintain economical and social uniformity .

What I never thought possible was that a style could evolve from a dress code.

In Japanese Street Fashion, school girl uniforms are actually a style; not only grade school girls wear them just for fun, young adults also do the same. Kogal fashion (school girl fashion) is very popular in Japan, and there are different types according to a girl's personality ranging from very conservative to wacky and wild. Some teens prefer darkening their skin color and applying loads of make up and even dyeing for extreme looks.
Really long socks and ultra short skirts are what make this style so unique.

Maybe I wouldn't walk around with a school uniform on just for fun, but it's still pretty cool!
How about you guys??


  1. I have often thought it would be awesome to have a school uniform, that I would obviously make my own. Sadly, the only uniforms ever discussed at my school were just school t-shirts, to be worn with jeans. BORING! and a lot harder to slut up.

  2. omg the school uniforms looks so cute ^^
    mine is jus unflattering and frumpy XD

  3. too funny!

    I hated uniforms because we all looked like blah!


    I also loved it! cause I didn't have to worry about what I was going to wear so that was good.

    I loved that back in 6th grade I had a sailor uniform it was sooo cute never wanted to take it off but now i dont think id wear it hahaha

  4. the uniforms you posted look great!! i think i'm giving the school uniform a break after 13 years of it =_=!! thank you for your sweet comment, the dress is from Viktor & Rolf :D!!

  5. The school district I attended never enforced a dress code, but I remember admiring Japanese school girl fashion. The style in the 3rd photo you shared has always been my favorite. It'd be great fun to dress up that way, but I don't think I could ever pull it off! Hehe.

    P.S. I've passed along an award to you! Details are on my blog :)

  6. I'll skip on the school uniforms but their outfits look too cute! Thanks for sharing it with us:) I'm a new member of your blog. I like what I see-- keep it up!

  7. It surprises me how mainstream the schoolgirl style is in Japan, while in America it's often relegated to Britney Spears and some awful Halloween costumes.

    These pictures are beautiful, though! The first collage showcases a lot of versatility in the style.

  8. I love school uniform styles, but maybe that's because I didn't go to a uniformed school! I imagine I'd have hated them if I had to wear one every day. I love making my own uniform-style outfits just for fun, though! :D

  9. these type of school uniforms actually attract attention from the general public here in thailand. girls wearing ultra short skirts to school is getting too extreme.personally, as a teacher, seeing both high school and university students almost exposing everything in untra-short-skirt uniforms in going to school, does not earn my approval. i believe school uniform can be stylish as i myself was an advocate for this cause during my days in school, but i believe there has to be a limit for a respectable length of skirt uniform. we should not only promote style, we should also consider the safety of the kids. ;)

  10. Hello's how are you? I frigging heart Japan!!
    Hmmm the whole school uniform debate.I've experienced both: schools where uniform was required and a school where it wasn't.
    I loved not wearing uniform it allowed me to express myself, the bad side though was witnessing some messed up fashion- off amongst others which at times turned nasty.
    Where as the school that did mean wearing a uniform there was no pressure or competition we were all even-though it did make you feel like a sheep haha!

    Have a fabtastic day (:

    PS...Big hearty thank you for your comment hun-I will keep you updated xx

    prettyneons X

  11. I totally tried to jazz up my uniform when I was in HS, when you have a boring uniform you have to work with it. Hope you are feeling better sweetie! XO!

  12. Tres Gossip Girl! I love these uniforms.

    BUT. I go to a uniform-wearing school, so I've never had an adoration for uniforms. Mainly because the dress-code is ridiculously strict. I'm always picked on due to the fact that I wear jewelry which "deracts from the appearance." I could write an ARTICLE about how annoying my school uniform is.. which I, in fact, have! Haha.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  13. wow these pics are great! i wish i could alter my uniform and wear cool things with it like on gossip girl but i'm not allowed!!! grrr haha nice blog!

  14. I love unifroms they are so cute


  15. Yea, I've also found it very interesting the way the Japanese school uniform evolved into a style-- now the short plaid pleated skirt seems to be synonymous with that style :P
    I also think that having limitations sometimes does create more space for creativity to shine through :D

  16. I adore Japanese school uniforms, but then I grew up on Sailor Moon. These pictures are so kawaii! ^_^

  17. its interesting that you made this post because I find myself thinking about my uniform from high school quite a lot lately and how its influenced my fashion sense (and the fact that I still have a few really nice designer bags and one pair of crap jeans...) Do you ever think it would be so simple just to put on a uniform some days and give barely a thought to what you wear?

  18. So cute, whenever we had the japanese schools come to visit our uniforms looked so blah in comparison


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