Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fashion Avenue meets Sesame Street

Harper's Bazaar celebrates Sesame Street's 40th anniversary with this ultra cute shoot; showing incredible designers posing with the cute residents of the funnest street on TV. I would totally love to be Elmo right now!
*Elmo & Carolina Herrera*
*Cookie Monster & Rodarte*
*Bert & Ernie & Thakoon & Lim*
*Oscar de la Garbage Can & Oscar de la Renta*
*Abby and Vera Wang*

*Big Bird & Diane Von Furstenberg**Grover & Francisco Costa*

Which is your fave Muppet? If you want to check out what each Sesame Streeter has to say about their fashion sense, check out the article here, it will definitely make you perceive them as fashion icons. =)

Hope you all have been having a sweet holiday, I got some sweet gifts for xmas: a new pair of black converse, a F21 gift card (that I already spent -must show u guys my buys) and some new pj's.
What did you all get??
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  1. Love these pictures! So adorable. :)

  2. Cookie Monster...duh!

    I got a new PINK laptop...too darling for words! Merry Merry and happy silly season

  3. ahh i love the two oscars together :) can't wait to see what you got with your f21 giftcard!

  4. Hello, Sophie!
    That photoshoot is sooo cute! Totally loved it!
    My favourite on is the Cookie Monster *-*
    Sesame Street was so cool :D


  5. Fabulous editorial! So creative.

  6. Oh what a great tutorial!!
    My favorite one has always been the cookie monster :)

  7. love this!! how cool is this!! hope ur having a great holiday my dear!! :) xo

  8. Haha, the Oscar one is too cute! I love all of these! Oscar was always my favorite Sesame Street character. :)

    I already spent my giftcards and Christmas cash too! I went straight to the Urban Outfitters sale and bought two dresses, plus I got a pocketwatch necklace. :)

  9. Can't wait to see what you bought!
    I got a Venus de Milo piggy bank that I'm in love with!

  10. Oh, I remember these. So cute!!!

  11. Super cute photos ! Awwww . Love all of the designers . Thanks for sharing !

  12. i love this spread, amazing photographies and seeing them reminded me of ME as a little child, plus I read their fashion statemensts and it made me laugh so much. Than you for that.

  13. What a fun photoshoot! Thanks for sharing these pictures. I hadn't seen them yet. Oscar was always my favorite and I can't get over Oscar de la Garbage Can. Ha ha ;)

  14. The big bird one is so cute. hahaha

  15. omg this is such a precious collection! I used to love the dracula and woolly mammoth even though they made me sleepy XDD


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