Friday, January 15, 2010

An Angelic Point of View - Part I

Photography is what I believe immortalizes a moment, besides memory, photography is the only other medium that can capture an instant in time and make it last forever.

Angelica Minier, a sweet photographer that I only have met through email -and how happens to be a friend of my sister's - makes of every moment she can capture, an eternal display of life and color. I just had to interview her after my sis showed me her flickr.

1) What inspires you the most; colors, a place, a song; what motivates you and brings a picture to life?

Photography is memory. It is a moment or an image that we want to keep forever. Everything is inspiration: sometimes a song, sometimes
a person who smiles to you on the street, sometimes a place you see from the window of your car, sometimes a flower that seems to say it all when the wind moves its petals, and sometimes it is nothing; sometimes you don't want to photograph anything and sometimes you want to photograph everything. And there are no motives: photography itself is the reason for doing photography.

2) If you could take only one picture to one thing in your whole life, what would it be, an object or person and why?
I would take a photograph of what I feel when I am with those persons that makes me smile, just to feel that way every time I see it.
A photograph of those who are not here and I would like to see again. A photograph of my mother when she smiles, without telling her, just capturing the moment. A photograph of my father when he has nowhere to look and he looks around, just to capture that look that makes him a vulnerable man. And a photograph of the happiest moment of my life, but I know that in that moment I will be so busy being happy that I'll forget to take that photograph.

Describe the process of photographing something, the models, the clothes, the makeup, the places, how do to choose all that?
Regarding that type of photography that you have to planned, in my case it takes a long period of time between one photo shoot to another. That is because these photos requires more time to be planned properly. What comes first is the idea, it usually comes when I see a place where I want to do a photo shoot ... and then I think about the concepts, the clothes, the makeup, etc.. It is always the place that inspires me, it tells me the colors, the shapes,it is the place itself which helps me to paint the picture in my mind that will become the photograph. Then I contact the models that I want to be part of the project and choose a date for the shoot. By the time we are in place everything flows: I see a stone and I want to sit there on the model, I look at a flower and give it to her and she poses, I ask her to walk, to look at me in a certain way... The eye and the camera become one: what you look or want to look is saved in the camera, the image is created. As for spontaneous photography, it happens everyday, at any time. The contrast between the two types of photography is very interesting, while one requires a creative process that takes time, the other can be done in a second.

This is only the first part of the interview so stick around for more of her work.

Today was so rainy here, how's the weather for you all??

Here are her links, make sure to check her out! Flickr, Deviantart & Etsy.


  1. Great interview, and these photographs are incredible!! I love photography as well. It can be so inspiring!!

  2. I love the sea photos! Thanks for writing about. I'll check out her flickr now!

  3. a mi me gusta la fotografía, y este año espero leer y practicar algo! me gustó la entrevista, espero la otra parte ^^


  4. It's true, there are some photographs that truly capture great beauty!

  5. What a talented photographer! I especially like the second picture because of the powerful use of colour.

  6. wonderful interview, her art is lovely!

  7. Wow lovely ! She must be a very talented photographer :) The pics are beautiful ! Ohh and it's been raining here too x)

  8. The water shots look especially stunning to me! Love how you said it too - "photography is the only other medium that can capture an instant in time and make it last forever". Very true and very well put!

  9. What a beautiful post, the photos are incredible.

  10. Those are just gorgeous photos. I envy people with a great photographic eye. The black and white is my favorite.

  11. I really liked the photos and the answers she gave are very interesting :)

    kisses, Sophie!

  12. Great interview. It's photography like hers that keeps me inspired!

  13. her photography is just stunning! i'm in love with the first shot. gorgeous.

  14. Wow, these photos are beautiful. There's something about it that's very whimsical; kind of like the world is totally achievable (if that makes any sense, at all? Urm). So lovely and fantastic interview!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. What beautiful photos and if I could take a picture of just one thing, it would be the ocean. :)

  16. Wow, these pictures are so magical and romantic! I really need to check out her other works! My favourites are the ones of her in the water:)


  17. lovely, i'm about to go check out her flickr. the pictures you posted were so beautiful!

  18. hello dear, you are photographer?
    thank you very much for your comment in my blog :)

    kiss from Portugal***


  19. Lovely interview =) I'm always so envious of how talented photographers are.
    It was rainy here too! Blahh driving in the rain is so not fun!

  20. I love the photos, she has very dream like style

  21. i actually love these photos, a lot !

    xx lue

  22. Hiya, Oh such magical visuals.
    Love it.

    prettyneons X

  23. Wow she's amazing, so surreal. And great interview. Thanks a lot for sharing! x

  24. Beautiful photography and great interview...I love her work :-)

    Have a great week, cheers: Evi


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