Saturday, February 20, 2010

New York Fashion Week - Part II Fast Forward

This New York Fashion Week was incredible! Ok, there were some designs that did disappoint me like Rodarte *cough cough* but overall every designer had something totally incredible to offer.

Fast Forward New York Fashion Week Begins...

this makes me feel I'm being kidnapped by the evil forces of mutant curtains -sorry =/
Proenza Schouler was just brilliant!
I love Milly's Upper East Side, Gossip Girly looks.

Nanette Lepore is dangerously sweet!
Oscar de la Renta... speechless.
Love this Phillip Lim number, that pants are incredible!What designs did you Love & Hate this NYFW??


  1. Well, I LOVED: Phillip Lim for the artistic diversity in the pattern. Oscar de la Renta for the SHARP distinctiveness...gotta love a designer that not only keeps it sharp for unique at the same time. AND yes....yes, I actually thought Rodarte was lovely....I'ont know something about the way the fabric free-flows and the floral print is just nice...can't explain...I know you hate it ::::smiles then giggles::::, I love it.

    Hated? Smh...Proenza Schouler...a tad too busy for my taste. Milly's? Everyday school girl look, but not in the trendy chic catergory. Nanette Lepore........I'll take Betsy Johnson for $500 Alex, NL is like a bad remake of her....and I love Betsy. I would LOVE to go to one of her fashion shows too :) And that's my lovehate FASHION relationship hehe.

  2. im loving the last pair of pants ^^

  3. I actually really liked Rodarte's stuff, I'm super behind on the fashion shows but from what I've seen Marc Jacobs looked lovely (though I'm generally not a fan)

  4. Great post! Very inspiring...
    I love the designs from Charlotte Ronson... :)

  5. mmm i love ronson too, such a cool post! :)

    love sammy

  6. I loved Nanette Lepore and totally agree with your comment on Rodarte!

  7. LOL @ your description of Rodarte. I felt practically the same.

  8. Love that Nanette Lepore! And that Milly outfit definitely looks very GG :)

  9. De la Renta and Philip Lim were both just perfect this year. I also loved Vera Wang's Brigitte Bardot-inspired hair and makeup, and her clothes were just ethereal as always. Nanette Lepore was definitely another favorite, and Christian Siriano turned out some fabulous frocks. I was disappointed, not only with Rodarte, but Diane von Furstenburg. Usually I love her seventies-hippie-chic aesthetic; they are clothes I would live in (yay for paisley prints and wrap dresses!), but this year she tried to go a little wild and wound up falling flat. :( Major bummer. Generally I love spring fashion week more because of the bright colors and frou-frou dresses... fall is so much heavier. :P And there's too much freakin' fur!

  10. I loved Erin Fetherston and Anna Sui's collections the most.

  11. rodarte was okish, i only really liked the shoes.

  12. phillip lim can do no wrong, that outfit is amaaaazing! i want stripey trousers now :p


  13. I'm so behind on all the new Fashion Week photos, but from what I've seen, the Nanette Lepore looks are adorable! :D

  14. i love those pants of Philip too. incredible1

  15. I lovee Proenza Schouler's collection & Millys, very cute
    and thanks for the lovely comment. Keep stopping by!

  16. i loved dvf.
    thanks for the comment :)

  17. I love Millys, Nannetes and Phillips!


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