Monday, March 15, 2010

Alexa Chung's Line for Madewell

So, truly I'm not a fan of Alexa. I mean, yeah I knew she had a show and all but that was basically it. Sincerely, it was her style that caught my eye.
And finding out that she has teamed with Madewell for a clothes line was pretty neat, I'm enjoying how preppy and relaxed this collection feels.

What do you guys think, is it a GO or a NO?

Btw, wanted to share that I'm the winner of a sweet Aldo bag over at Lace & Leather and I'm like totally psyched!!! More like I can't believe I won something, lol!!
**oh and yes, I am a little behind answering comments but I promise I'll catch up as soon as possible, school is killing me**


  1. GO! fosho.
    id buy all of that stuff.
    its very very chic.<3
    thanks for the mention,you truly are a doll.

  2. congratz on the win!!

  3. No prob...I'm thinking no, though. And congrats, I was hoping to win. ;)

  4. Congrats on winning the ALDO bag - it's awesome!! Love the velvet top with the navy peter pan collar!

  5. my cousin was at this launch!
    i think its a def. GO. alexa has her own style. BUT i'm not so sure anyone can pull it off!


  6. A go indeed- I need to go check it out in person. She has great style.

  7. Hello's hun :)
    Oh don't even get me started, I have no clue how shes got so far?
    Over here (UK) she was just an average dull TV presenter, on this teenage weekend morning show.
    I must be missing something?
    As for her design effort if she was at fashion college she wouldn't even get a merit.

    *rant over*

    Well done on bagging a bag, you lucky thing you! x

    prettyneons XX

  8. totally love everything in this madewell collection. i loved madewell already. so everyone seems to be hating on alexa these days... personally, i think the girl is fab. xx

  9. No se por que no me termina de convenser, la verdad no es para nada mi estilo, y mas alla de eso mucho no me gusto, ^^ que bueno que ganastes algo :) y tranquila con los estudioss a mi tambien me estan matando jaja besotes!

  10. Hello, Sophie!
    It is a go! I don't know much about Alexa Chung either, but I just love her style. And that shirt with dots is just... AWESOME.

  11. i say go!

    want a free bamboo satchel? enter my giveaway! :D

  12. It's a GO for Alexa Chung. I feel she didn't go out of the box with this collection thought, this style is her but of course her style is great. So I think is a Go Go for her :)

  13. You won the bag!! Congrats!

    GO on the style.


  14. congrats on the winning!!! :DD anyway, i've linked you on my blog. alexa chung did a great job, i love all her design :))


  15. i love alexa chung :) she so funny and has an amazing style :)

  16. I haven't watched her show. but It doesn't look so impressive in those pics.


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