Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I sooo totally envy you guys that get to watch it already. Here in P.R. we still have to wait until the 11th and that is so killing me!

Wow what a way to start a post, excuse my ranting. =)
I am totally in love with all the Alice in Wonderland inspired designs and things that are coming out to celebrate the new movie.
Just wanted to share with you all some eye candy designs by Sue Wong and Tom Binns!
Here's the link to Sue's complete collection

*early prom dress anyone?*
I believe the designs are gorgeous but for some reason, I don't feel them very "Alice", they are more like the white queen or something of the sort. I truly expected maybe some more blues and something a tad more whimsical and fantastic. But must say these designs are still breathtaking.

Are they Alice enough for you??

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  1. I haven't see the movie yet either...but I'm getting a lot of mixed reviews, but until Alice...tonight? I'll be watching "Where The Wild Things Are'. Hopefully that'll be one interesting pic. And they're not enough ALice for me....more like Easter Sunday or 9th grade Saddy's dance. It's just cute but not exceptional. Have a groovy weekend!

  2. I am in love with the pink dress it is so sweet. It someting I would of loved to of worn in high shcool! very veyr sweet!

  3. Nah... just some cute simple gowns but not Alice enough. They lack the oomph factor.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  4. Wow the third picture, the dresses O_O are amazing, i like the desings and colors
    I saw the movie yesterday, its so cool and pretty, i love jhonny and tim burton ejeje
    take care

  5. I also love that 5th pink dress, I would also go for the green too. What's the link to it?

  6. I love the first dress - it's very elegant and simple. And I'm very much looking forward to the Alice movie; we are going tomorrow. :-)

  7. I like the dresses, although you are right, not Alice enough. Can't wait to see the movie.

  8. i am so ready to see alice in wonderland. :)

  9. i love the gown in the first photo :)

  10. I'm loving all the Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion so far.

    To be honest I think that these dresses are fairy tale inspired, I don't see much Alice in them, but maybe thats cause I don't see much iconic Alice in Wonderland stuff. (Yeah I'm not making sense) There still gorgues though ^^!

  11. love the frocks I like the bracelet and the necklace the most!

  12. Hello, Sophie!
    Well, I must say they don't look very Alice to me, but still they are amazingly beautiful! I want them all!


  13. i agree. nice stuff, but lacking in the whimsicalness that defines the Alice theme.

  14. They're not "Alice" at all. And I can't believe there isn't a blue dress! I guess she wasn't inspired by the title character...

  15. Well, it is borderline Alice for me. They are very modern looking and are a bit edgy, which remind me of Alice but still not Alice enough.

  16. I just saw this yesterday it was amazing to say the least. I loved the costumes of practically every character and the makeup job was phenomenal. Hope you get to see it soon! (this is for my entry on worldgoneglam). -Adeline

  17. Great post! Very interesting :)
    I love the pictures althought it's not "Alice in Wonderland" enough. It needs more mistery and glitter haha, but it's pretty cool :D

    I think Alice and Wonderland the movie is going to be a hit! I have to see it when it comes out!!!

  18. I'll say I've seen it and it's a great movie a little long but great!

  19. Soooo cute! I am loving these dreamy Alice inspired designs.

    Your interview was adorable too, just read it! :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  20. I really like the pink dress! I loved the movie!!

  21. I loved Alice! Only movie I've ever waited for and got excited about starting when the announcement first came out. Hope you thought it was worth it!



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