Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lyell's Bonnie & Clyde Escapade...

As you guys might be waiting for impatiently - or maybe it's only me, lol - The Story of Bonnie & Clyde (a remake of the classic movie) is on its way and lots of lines are being totally inspired by the film.
Lyell's collection inspired by the film is just gorgeous!! Yes, a little pricey and totally out of our reach, but it's still so lovely...

What would you steal if you were Bonnie & Clyde??


  1. KFC's secret recipe ahaha...kidding......maybe jewerly even custom.

  2. i love the black dress and bow belt
    and i would steal the fountain of youth tehe :p

  3. I love that blazer-gorgeous! I'm so excited to hear that they're doing a re-make. Do you know who's starring in it? I would definitely make off with some luxury handbags and shoes ;) hehe Thanks for stopping by my blog, come follow me! :) See you soon.

  4. I'd probably steal the whole inside of the Vogue closet, haha.

    Oh, thanks. I am glad you like my shop. It is still a little empty but I will add more things this coming week, I just need the time to take pictures :)
    I just had a look at your etsy shop, your headbands are so pretty!!!
    I need to take a closer look another time because I really need to go to bed now.

  5. Really nice clothes, besides from other stuff, I'd steal some of these clothes :)

  6. Those pictures are great! Love the clothes ñ_ñ

  7. id steal these clothes, theyre amazing.<3

  8. That gray leather jacket is fantastic! I'd be hitting up many a bank for some serious $$$ if I was Bonnie ;)

  9. Hey chica, how are you doing? You on vacations too?? I am got two weeks off! :)

    Awesome pictures.

  10. I'd steal shoes. Lots of shoes.

  11. great post!
    those pics are amazing!


  12. oh wow ehm i suppose i would go to barney's ? hahahh maybe the MOMA.


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