Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

I've been thinking about something absolutely wacky lately. See, there is this French Language School here that organizes this Intensive French Language Summer course in Paris. Which means I could spend a month in France just eating and breathing and living French culture! Now, this is just an idea I'm playing around with; I'm not sure about abandoning everything and saving up like crazy to pay for it. And I can't speak French at all, except some small words like moi or merci. However, what do you guys think?

Anyhoo, Paris inspires this post...

Do you love Paris too?


  1. Ahh Paris, the city of love and fashion, hehe.

  2. ohh je'taime la paris.
    tres tres chic!<3

  3. You should DO IT!! I spent a summer in Italy and it was honestly the best experience of my life. I went knowing no italian, but picked it up pretty easily. I had the most fun, learned SO MUCH, and even though I came back totally broke I wouldn't trade it for anything. I know a lot of people who have studied abroad and the only regrets people have are not going for longer, and not going sooner. Good luck!! I hope you at least give it some serious thought


  4. wow.. really inpiring..
    love it.
    and of course i love Paris too! who doesnt love paris? :D

  5. You should do it! I spent a month in Italy learning Italian and it was a great experience!

  6. Aww fabulous idea, you should do it!!
    Paris is really AMAZING! i came to Paris 8yrs ago (for one year au pair) and i stayed until today (& maybe forever ;) & i love the life here!!

  7. i wish i could visit paris :3

  8. I agree with everyone else. You should do it!! It would be the most unbelievable experience!

  9. You are young and if you have the opportunity to take this trip! I say HELL YEAH!! Do it! It's my dream to someday visit Paris, too!

  10. Do it!! You only live once! I've been dying to go to an intensive German language program. Oh Europe... :)

  11. Will be visiting Paris this thursday. Sooo excited :) :)

  12. I have thought of doing this as well, but I simply do not have the funds. I just figure someday I will be able to live in France and not have to be in school. As of now, I am just slowly teaching French to myself.

  13. You should do it!! You are young and it will be so worth it - emercing yourself in another culture is totally worth it!

    Il sera le voyage d'une durée de vie ~ adieu et de saisir le jour

  14. I say: si tu veux le faire, tu dois le faire!

    ( if you want to do it, you must do it!)

    You'll pick it up in no time at all...

    Ah, PARIS! ma cherie, la vie en rose, le besoin je dis plus! (... need I say more!)


  15. OOh Paris... J'Taime!! <3

    Great pics... lovely <3

    thanks for the visit...
    a hug..

  16. Go ! Please go ! Especially if you speak French, it will improve so immensely!
    I would take the opportunity!

    A la prochaine ma chere,
    (Till next time, my dear,)

    Anastassia Chepelkevitch


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