Sunday, April 25, 2010

I will love you...

Teardrops ran down from her cheeks; her soft, innocent eyes were nailed on his figure. This was his final hour.
Her hands grabbing his tightly, as if she could transfer to him the life he was soon to lack. "I don't want to say goodbye, I don't want us to ever part" she said. His body laying still, his heart beating slower each time. Paralyzed by his pain, he manages to let go of her hands and gently dries her tears. Tenderly, she places her hands on his while he wipes the drops of sorrow from her porcelain skin. His eyes meet hers and in a soft whisper he replies to her words - "I will love you in reality and in dreams".
~little sweet ramblings on a cloudy Sunday morning...

Will you love in reality and in dreams?


  1. this was so sad but so good. :( it really makes you think.


  2. i do love my boy like that.
    i love this! beauutiful.

  3. Thats so beautiful :) sad but lovely. And yes :)

  4. Hey Sophie :)'ll depend on my mood, but I sure LOVED too :) have a lovely day :)

  5. aww this is so lovely :)

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  6. sweet! loving in reality is very difficult, i'd have to work on that

  7. That was very well written Sophie! Very nice and sad.

  8. That is simply wonderful :) So touching.

  9. That piece is Edward and Bella kinda love. gorgeous.
    Dreamy pic of beachwalker.


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