Friday, May 21, 2010

Beauty & the Beast - Vouge

Beauty & the Beast will always be my all-time fave Disney movie. The message behind it; a girl that is strong, smart, cunning and thirsty for knowledge has always touched me and, in a certain way, defines my personality.
I found this sweet Vogue editorial inspired by the classic tale staring the lovely Drew Barrymore.
Any fairy tale you live by? Editorial: Beauty & the beast

Magazine: VOGUE
Model: Drew Barrymore
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz


  1. Oh wow. Love it! Drew is awesome. :) I used to believe I was like Ariel in the Little Mermaid. I often wish I lived my life in a cottage in the woods like Sleeping Beauty.

  2. That third photo is soo lovely!

  3. My favorite is Mulan, I think it has the best message.

  4. uuuh amo a drew barrymore ^^ es hermosa y me encanta que no sea la típica secucha jejeeje!!
    A mi también siempre me agradó Bella ^^ es una historia romántica y llena de mucho mensaje, hasta tube a la muñeca XD, no se porque se regalaron mis muñecas arrggg!!


  5. i remember this editorial, i thought it was absolutely stunning. beauty and the beast is one of my favorite stories too!


  6. she looks so great and magical :3

  7. This is amazing and Beauty and the Beast is my all time favourite too :)

  8. Beauty and the Beast was my favourite too. I always wanted Belle's huge yellow ballgown!

  9. Great editorial and blog :D

    Visit and follow me :D

  10. OH my! The pics of the pink BELLE dress with the lion, and the red gown with the lion is heart-stoppingly-Disney-magicky wonderful!

    Little Town, it's a quiet vilage, the one before,
    Little Town, full of little people, waking up to say...

    I ADORE Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la bete)...

    You are so right about the heroine in this story...she is so absolutely outstanding (in the truest sense of that word)...not only is she smart and beautiful and ambitious ...but she is also able to look past the everyday cliches or her society and learn to look deeper than the surface for what she loves...

    true independence and true humanity.

    Beautiful post sweet Sophie-Belle

  11. Ps. didn't see your question. I live by Sleeping Beauty.

    My second name is "Dawn" but my darling Mum told me it was a toss up between Dawn and Aurora (the Goddess of Dawn). The opening lines to sleeping beauty [whose name is Princess Aurora], my darling angel Mum would read to me and she said they were true of me, they went something like this:

    " and they called her Aurora, for she filled their lives with sunshine!"

    Isn't that wonderful. I was born at 05h36 in the morning, as the first light of dawn was coming through the curtains. Every birthday for 25 years, until she died, my Mother would wake me at 05h36 and tell me the story of how she was lying on the delivery table and she saw the light of dawn coming through the windows and she turned to the nurse and said: " The baby's second name is Dawn" . I had a second name before I had a first. My Mother was such an angel. xxx

  12. i love beauty and the beast too! the pictures with the lion are drew!

  13. love it love it love it! drew is one of my faves and the romantic aesthetic is just amazing!

  14. This is beautiful, and it reminds me of Drew in "Ever After" - which I have to admit, I have a soft spot for. She has such a perfect look for this style, her face is like something from a Renaissance painting.


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